Michel Prince:Changing the Face of Paranormal Romance

This is my third interview with Michel Prince, but this one is truly special because it is my pleasure to announce the release of her first novel. Chrysalis, a paranormal romance for young adults, is now available for purchase.

Tricia: For those who may not have read my first interview with you, can you catch us up to speed? Tell us about Chrysalis.

Michel: It’s the classic boy meets girl. Girl’s plagued by demons set to destroy her family and girl’s next on the list. Done being silly. Ellie doesn’t understand why her family does what it does. As she watches the stupid decisions continue to mess up their lives, she fears that she will fall into the same actions. When Oscar falls in love with her she sees him as the step she’d take to disaster (she’s a little dramatic) but what she’s not seeing is that there is an outside demonic source that is coming after her and who guided the rest of the family down the negative path. She’ll have to find the power inside to overcome these demons if she wants to save not only her life, but Oscar’s.

Tricia: On your website, you refer to Chrysalis as the first in a crossover series. What does this mean?

Michel: There are some genres that are complementary, like Paranormal and Romance. Or Sci-fi and Thriller. A cross over series is one that crosses from one major genre to another leaving the other behind. Chrysalis crosses from Young Adult to Adult (the major genres). Because of this I feel that Chrysalis is a 14 to 15 plus Young Adult book the subject matter matures with each book.

Tricia: How did you come up with the idea for Chrysalis?

Michel: The idea that maybe we aren’t as paranoid as we think was what took this book in the direction it did. I have a prolog that will show up in the third book that was the beginning, but the foundation of Oscar and Ellie took a whole book once the demons got involved. Haven’t you ever looked at a family member or friend and thought WTH? I have a cousin who says she’s got a “broken picker” when it comes to men. Then there are those other family members you have to bail out time after time. Or just ones that you can’t see a reasonable explanation for why they choose what they choose. The idea that we are just puppets for demons to play with took off in the case of Ellie’s family and I haven’t looked back.

Tricia: Chrysalis delves into some complex issues, such as interracial dating and racial division. How do you think your readers will react to such an open, honest exploration of these themes?

Michel: Honestly I have no idea. With Chrysalis I was creating a safe love that was away from society. It gives Oscar and Ellie a base that they can always go back to. It wasn’t until the second book that they have to deal with the whole world’s reaction instead of just their immediate high school. But following the up roar from Hunger Games I’m not sure how my book will be taken. The world is different then it was when I first dated my husband. And that was better than it had been even five years prior, but we still had a judge in 2010 say he wouldn’t sign the marriage license of an interracial couple because “they needed to think about their children”. I will say this, I wasn’t going to for some big political statement, but this issue of being a half-breed comes up in the final book and I think the over all racial issue was addressed there.

Tricia: Since our first interview, you’ve scored a pretty awesome book trailer for your novel. Can you tell us about the video and about the song?

Michel: One of my friends from high school’s daughter was recently signed to an agent and is working with a Capital records song writer. One of the songs she recorded is “When I’m With You.” Which from the first line is Ellie in a nutshell. “I may not be your first, I may not be your last, I may not be like the other girls you’ve swayed in the past.” I felt that this whole song was written for Chrysalis. When Sierra sings about the whole world caving in or how she likes the view from the ground. All of that encompasses the book, especially when she sings about how much stronger a person she is when the boy is around. Since she’s a newer artist I spoke to her agent and co-writer and got permission for this to be the “official” song for Chrysalis. I can totally see it on a movie. Speaking of movies, the book trailer originally was going to be snapshots taken with a couple of local kids. My niece, who does this for a living, looked at it and nicely said…ah…no. So we reshot and had fun running around a local high school with our two actors.

To learn more about Sierra and her music, please visit her Facebook page.

Tricia: Most paranormal romance novels are aimed toward women, but I think your book will have universal appeal because it features a strong, morally straight young man who happens to be black. Can you tell us about Oscar and his unique support system?

Michel: Oscar’s a superstar in the school. He rocks it in sports, is an honor student and is the class president. He’s also a Boy Scout, which is a strange combination for a lead hero, but Oscar’s not as perfect as he looks on paper. He’s got a past and doesn’t follow the “morally straight” part of the scout law. The reason that Oscar stayed in scouts is because when Oscar’s mother passed away his father became a shell. He knew he had to take care of Oscar, but beyond the basics of food and shelter he was having problems meeting Oscar’s needs emotionally. Oscar luckily had a refuge in a Boy Scout troop his mother had got him involved in and the scoutmaster and some of the other scouts took Oscar under their wing and helped him until his father could be there for him more. Now Oscar’s dad, Mr. Jeffreys, came out of the funk and went all helicopter parent on Oscar because although Oscar had a support system he still had another side of him that went too far.

Tricia: Where can my readers go to get a copy of the book, or to find out more about your work?

Michel: My book will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Coffeetime Romance, ARe romance, BookStrand and you can find links to all my books and future projects at www.michelprincebooks.com

Tricia: Thank you for telling us about your book. I wish you the best of luck, Michel, and expect good things for your writing career.

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  2. Thanks for having me again. It's always fun answering your questions.

  3. Thanks for stopping by JL! And, Michel, it's always a pleasure to have you. I'm looking forward to the release of The Frozen so I can interrogate you again.


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