An Interview with Callon O'Shea (by Lisa Wiedmeier)

As Timeless Week rolls on, we're back with another character interview. Yesterday, we heard from the leading female character, Cheyenne Wilson. Today, we're going to let one the guys have a say. 

Lisa Wiedmeier interviews one of the main hunks on her Timeless Series Novels, Callon O’Shea...

Q: Could you please introduce yourself?

Callon: I suppose I could… My name is Callon O’Shea. I am the leader of the Consilador Clan, ruler of the Timeless Race.

Q: Isn’t the Kvech Clan considered royalty and the official rulers of the Timeless Race?

Callon: The Kvech Clan was wiped out, or at least we thought so until recently. I am ruling in their place.

Q: Does that bother you that you’re just a temporary ruler?

Callon: I’m not temporary.

*I swallow as hazel eyes bear down upon me. Apparently that was a touchy subject.*

Q: Where were you born?

Callon: Ireland

Q: You don’t live there now?

*Once again I get the disapproving look and shift in my seat… moving on.*

Q: So you live in Montana now, why?

*Callon raises his eyebrow and then rolls his eyes. *

Q: You’ve lived a long time, what would be your favorite occupation?

Callon: Doctor.

Q: If you could have any talent, which talent would you like the most?

Callon: I have all the talents I need.

Q: Okay, but if you could have ANY talent, what would it be?

Callon: I have all the talent I need.

Q: I get that, however, if you can have anything and I mean anything, what would that one thing/talent be?

*I move to the edge of my chair, pen ready*

Callon: I have all the talent I need.

*I forcefully blow air out my nose… this is going to be more difficult than I thought.*

Q: What trait do you most deplore in yourself?

Callon: I don’t have any traits I deplore.

Q: You don’t have any traits you deplore?

Callon: Isn’t that what I said?

*I narrow my eyes. I’ve got him now…*

Q: What about deceit, evasiveness, bossiness, and controlling?

*I smirk*

Callon: I am none of these.

Q: You don’t have ANY of these characteristics?

Callon: Do you have a hearing problem? I am a doctor, I could perform a hearing test if you’d like.

*He crosses his arms and smiles*

Q: I don’t have a hearing problem!

*I push my fingers to my forehead and regain my composure*

Q: Are you in love?

Callon: Love is subjective. it means something different to everyone.

*I nod in agreement *

Q: I understand that, but in your definition of love, are you in love with anyone?

Callon: You don’t know what my definition is.

Q: I realize that, but I am asking you in your definition, which I don’t know anything about, but really doesn’t matter as you’re answering according to your opinion, are you in love?

Callon: Love means different things to different people, what you consider to be love I may not. Do I love ice cream? Of course I love ice cream, but not all flavors of ice cream. Do you love ice cream?

Q: Of course I love ice cream, but that’s not what I asked you!!!!

*He smirks and lifts his arm to rest upon the spare chair beside him.*

Q: So if you loved someone and they loved you, but they also loved another would that bother you?

Callon: If I loved someone and they loved me back, but yet they had feelings for another would that bother me?

Q: Yes, would it bother you?

Callon: But loving someone is subjective so how would I know that the one I loved would love someone else as much as I loved them?

Q: Okay, you know the love you feel for the one you love is the same love she feels for the one she loves too… would that bother you?

Callon: You may love a current flavor of ice cream like pistachio, and you find that tasty and yet you have a good understanding of chocolate and find it just as tasty every time.

Q: You’re talking about ice cream again??!!

Callon: Do you have a problem with ice cream? I can give you a recommendation for lactose intolerance…

*I bang my head upon the table… *