An Interview with Colt O'Shea (by Lisa Wiedmeier)

Author, Lisa Wiedmeier, does it again! She's managed to snag an interview with another O'Shea brother, but will this one be more than she can handle? Read on to find out...

Question: Can you please introduce yourself?

Colt: Of course. My name is Colt O’Shea. I’m Timeless and second born of the Consilador Clan. My hobbies are ripping Tresezes apart and teasing Cheyenne.

Q: Ripping apart Tresezes?

Colt: Yeah, they’re as ugly as hell and look sorta like super sized dogs. Pointed ears, sharp claws, razors for teeth, black as midnight… smelly too.

Q: So how does one go about ripping them apart or killing them?

Colt: You go for the neck.

*He twists his arm in front of him as he demonstrates.*

Colt: And then snap it like this…

*My pencil is swiped off the table before I can stop him and he breaks it in half.*

Q: That was my pencil….

Colt: Oh, sorry….

Q: You said your second hobby was teasing Cheyenne? Can you explain?

*A large smile spreads over his too perfect lips and feel myself getting warmer…*

Colt: Well Cheyenne has this sign engraved across her forehead that reads: “tease me”. It’s one of those invisible signs to her, but to the rest of us it’s as plain as daylight. She does things that she doesn’t even realize is funny to us until later. Like her attacking her jeep to get her laptop… I just wished I’d been around to witness it.

*A quick wink comes my way and my heart begins to flutter. *

Q: You like to tease Cheyenne, but what about with your two brothers? Do the three of you like to joke around?

Colt: Sure, well we used to.

*A solemn look spreads over his face as he lowers his head.*

Colt: Things have changed recently and now Callon and I don’t really see eye to eye anymore.

Q: You don’t see eye to eye anymore and you used to?

Colt: Yeah, we used to agree in just about everything and then it changed.

Q: What changed it?

Colt: I’d rather not talk about it.

*His eyes sadden as he looks up.*

*I decided to change the topic…*

Q: What’s your most treasured possession?

Colt: My family.

Q: Really, why?

Colt: I think when you’re as old as I am and have done as many things as I have you realize the importance of having people stick by you no matter what. You make bad choices, and they rally around to support you and help you through it.

You only get one shot with your family, you stick with them till the end. You argue, you love, and you support—no matter what.

Q: Okay so I take it then that you’ve had your own family too? Married in the past perhaps?

*A soft smile rises.*

Colt: Naw, I was referring to my brothers. I’ve never married although I've been in my fair share of relationships.

*He winks and leans forward in his chair as I lose my breath. I quickly recover and lean forward as well, a sly smile of my own rises.*

Q: So if you’ve been around, what about Cheyenne?

*Finally a little bit of dirt on these boys…*

Colt: Being around was in the past.

*He grows serious.*

Colt: Cheyenne, well she’s different.

*He signs.*

Colt: I’ve never met anyone like her, she’s one of a kind.

*A sign escapes me and I can’t help but smile and then a random thought emerges.*

Q: So, what's your idea of a romantic getaway?

Colt: Ah, that's a good one. 

*He gets this far away look in his eyes and I tilt my head as I await his reply.*

 Colt: First I'd rise early and leave a flower on her pillow with a note saying to come outside. I'd of course be waiting outside on the porch for her and tenderly kiss her before leading her on a long hike to a mountain lake. 

We'd spend the day talking, holding hands and kissing before watching the sun set over the shimmering water. We'd snuggle by the campfire I'd make and then I'd hold her in my arms as she slept peacefully and take in all that she is... her beauty, and her softness. How delicate she truly is and how I'd always be there to protect her.

Q: So Cheyenne's pretty lucky then.

Colt: Nah, I'm the lucky one to know her.

*I blow a wisp of hair from my eyes trying to hide the wetness in them and go back to what’s on the list.*

Q: Um, okay… You have extraordinary strength right?

*He flexes his arms as he crosses them behind his head and I fiddle with the paper before me instead of staring at his biceps. A chair scrapes across the floor and I look up to see Colt’s bulking figure moving towards me.*

Colt: Here, let me show you…

*I bolt up out of the chair and run for the door, as I don’t want him to show me the Tresezes move…*

Q: I’m good! Interviews over… thanks!

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