Interview with Daniel O'Shea (by Lisa Wiedmeier)

As Timeless Week comes to a close, I hope you will all give author, Lisa Wiedmeier, a warm welcome. Today, she is doing us the honor of introducing one of my favorite characters - Daniel O'Shea.

Question: Can you please introduce yourself?

Daniel: I’m Daniel. Callon and Colt are my bossy other brothers.

*He sneaks a smile out of the corner of his mouth as his fedora falls down over his eyes and I can’t help but smile back.*

Q: So I can’t help but ask you why you think your brothers are bossy. Can you explain?

Daniel: Well, for starters they’re way older than me. It’s seems like this has always been my role with the two of them. Callon’s in charge and Colt’s always just done his own thing… actually now that I think about it I’m really the glue that holds this family together.

Q: What do you mean you’re the glue that holds this family together?

*I inch forward in my chair, finally I’m getting someplace and getting the dirt on the O’Shea brothers.*

Daniel: Well, when things started getting heated with Cheyenne I was the one who had to play the part of referee between the two of them. It wasn’t so bad at first, but as its has worn on it’s gotten pretty bad at times.

Q: So there’s conflict in the O’Shea household?

Daniel: Not all the time, but quite often anymore.

Q: So what’s the conflict?

*A smirk leaves his lips.*

Daniel: Why do you ask questions that you already know the answers to? You’re a bright and intelligent woman, heck, you got me here didn’t you?

*He begins to laugh I can’t help but laugh with him.*

Q: Okay, no more silly questions. So what about your powers?

Daniel: Nice one.

*He disappears only to reappear behind me and grasp his hands around my waist. A small screech escapes me as he jumps us outside and down the gravel driveway.*

Daniel: I have the ability to Jump. I look where I want to go and then appear there.

Q: So since I’m with you that means you can take others along for the ride too?

*He moves alongside me now and produces a quirky cute smile as we begin walking.*

Daniel: Yup, but only one.

*I kick a loose stone and can’t help but feel strangely comfortable with him.*

Q: So you just look where you want to go and can appear there… does that sometimes cause problems?

*He raises a brow.*

Q: Okay, I guess what I’m asking is if you were in a battle and needed to help someone escape but as far as the eye can see there are warriors, what would you do?

Daniel: Ah right… there are flaws to this whole jumping thing. I’ve been in tight spots before and jumped another and myself to what I thought was safety and turned out to be more dangerous than what it would have been if I’d stayed put. I’ve learned to try and gage it out better before jumping, but sometimes I just can’t and have to react.

Q: So you’ve put others in danger before.

*He sighs and I now feel bad about asking the question.*

Daniel: Yeah, I’ve gotten them captured and myself hurt.

*He shakes his head and his face saddens.*

Daniel: I’ve never felt more awful in my entire life.

Q: But it all turned out okay in the end, right?

*I lower my head and peek at his eyes under the rim of his fedora.*

Daniel: Yeah, but at the time I wasn’t so sure.

Q: We all make mistakes.

Daniel: That was a big one…

Q: What about jumping into moving objects like cars, trains or perhaps a horse?

Daniel: Another flaw… it’s really difficult and most of the time it can’t be done. Now with that said I could be in a moving car, train or on a horse and jump off them just fine. Well, almost just fine, as I usually end up tumbling to the ground and getting banged up a little.

*I try and change the topic*

Q: So, do you have a love in your life?

*He looks away sheepishly.*

Q: I take that as a yes?

*He shrugs his shoulders.*

Q: Does she know you like her?

Daniel: Probably not, but that’s okay.

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Note from Tricia: Thank you to Lisa for spending her busy week hanging out on my blog. Thank you to all her characters (well, except maybe Callon) for answering Lisa's questions so openly. And, thank you to my readers for welcoming the whole Timeless Bunch with open arms.