A Farewell to Midnight

Thank you for joining me for the final night of Midnight Week. This may signal the end of our nightly posts, but don't despair. If you can't get enough of Land of Midnight Days, it's not too late to buy a copy of the book on Amazon.com or Amazon.uk. And, you can always stop by Katrina Jack's amazing blog to learn more about the series.

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank Katrina for letting me be a part of her book's release. And, I'd like to thank her for providing us with this beautiful excerpt from Land of Midnight Days...

The factory’s art deco tower loomed over the city with cathedral-like splendor. Shadows of letters, which once proclaimed its name, stained the peeling fa├žade. Formerly a hive of activity, it now stood silent. Candlelight flickered behind the tower’s long, narrow window; the only sign of life in the otherwise dead building. Rumour had it that the ghosts of those killed in the accident that closed the place down, still haunted it. Jeremiah knew a more mundane explanation; the city’s homeless used it as a shelter. Aside from that, he had another reason for coming here -a special reason.

He walked around the corner of one of the flat-roofed structures, attached to either side of the tower, and came to a halt at the foot of a metal ladder. Behind the rungs a picture of a dragon spread its sinuous length up the wall. Flames issued from its open mouth. Each scale on its jade-green body seemed real enough to touch and its outspread wings were poised to take flight. An orange-red crest ran from the top of its head, down its spine, to the tip of its tail. Its green eyes were alive with malice, its talons spread wide, ready to tear and rip.

As he gazed at the beast, Jeremiah felt tears well up. The dragon glared back at him, as fierce and beautiful as the person who’d created it. He lowered his head, remembering Kelly’s contorted expression when she’d tried to attack him in the club. How could someone filled with such creativity be so hateful? What kind of world twisted the souls of those bestowed with such talent? Unable to answer his own questions, Jeremiah clambered up the ladder

Once at the top he paused to look about. Pools of water from a recent downpour glistened in the moonlight. One of the gargoyles that guarded the four corners of the building sat with its back to him, gaze cast out over the metropolis. He too looked towards the city and marvelled at its apparent beauty. From this viewpoint it spread out like a pool of dark water, sprinkled with pinpoints of light, its ugliness submerged.