A Midnight Interview with Jeremiah Tully

Today, we’re visiting with Jeremiah Tully, aka the flute player,with the help of a sign-language interpreter. 

Tricia: Nice to talk with you, Jeremiah. Tell us about yourself.

Jeremiah: I am mixed race: part Elwyn, part human. I was born without the ability to speak. I never met my human father, but was told about him by my half brother. My mother is a full blooded Elwyn, her name is Sylvan.

Tricia: Can you tell us how you came to own your flute?

Jeremiah: When my mother abandoned me, she left the flute with my guardian and he passed it on to me on my ninth birthday.

Tricia: How did you learn to play the flute? Are you self taught, or did you receive formal training?

Jeremiah: I discovered I could play music by ear; I seem to have a natural talent for it. The state schools in this city do not teach “unnecessary” skills like music. Later on, when I began busking on the city streets, I met an old, retired musician, who took me under his wing and helped me to refine my technique.

Tricia: Who is more of a danger to you—the Norms, the Elwyns, or is there a greater enemy?

Jeremiah: Some Norms are dangerous, others are not. The Elwyns ignore me, because of my heritage. The greatest danger to everyone is the Gangers and their hangers on, the Wannabees.

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