Meet Joe Ambrose

Today, we're joined by another special guest from Land of Midnight Days. 

Q. Hello Joe and welcome. You’re a friend of Zeb Tully, how long have you known him?

A. Sometimes it feels like forever, but in reality it’s about ten years.

Q. How did you meet?

A. Hah! I remember it well. Me and a couple of pals had gone out for a drink one night. When we left the pub, we ran into a group of Gangers out on a killing spree. We were in real trouble, backed right into a corner, when Zeb and some of his friends spotted us and pitched in. He saved my life that night.

Q. Mr Tully’s not known for his patience, does that ever get you down?

A. Ah well, what you see is what you get. You have to take the rough with the smooth, although I have to say it’s mostly rough. Still, you’ve gotta try and go with the flow.

Q. Do you think you’ll ever win the war against the Gangers.

A. I dunno, man. But you gotta keep tryin’.

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Land of Midnight Days by Katrina Jack.

What would you do if your life was filled with fear: hide, run away -or would you fight back?

In a city at war with itself, Jeremiah Tully already knows how to survive, now he must learn how to live. Mute from birth, of mixed race heritage and his only possession a charmed flute, Jeremiah tries to discover where his remarkable talent as a musician will take him.

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