Midnight Reading with Katrina Jack

Welcome back to our Midnight celebration. Author, Katrina Jack, is back with an excerpt from Land of Midnight Days.

*Warning* This novel has been known to cause excitement. Some readers report experiencing an inability to put the book down after they read the first page. This book may become habit forming. Readers of Land of Midnight Days have reported the following symptoms including, but not limited to an increase in interest in the Urban Fantasy genre, lack of motivation for watching television, and loss of sleep from staying up past bedtime to read one more chapter.

Excerpt from the opening of Land of Midnight Days...

Don’t look back; it’ll slow you down - just run.

The city had become the worst of urban jungles. Hunters ruled unchecked as Jeremiah Tully, running for his life, could testify.

He fled down yet another street and saw a small crowd ahead gathered around a figure standing on an upturned crate. He came to a halt, unsure which way to turn. Raising his head, the man brushed his wild, bushy hair back from his unshaven face and began to speak.

‘Brothers and sisters,’ he intoned, arms raised high.’ Join me in my cause to rid this place of impurity. Let us drive out the iniquitous and send them back to their holes and dens.’

A poster hung on some nearby railings. Black letters on a white background blazed a message of hate:

Free the city of impurity; drive out the lower races. Unite in a glorious cause to restore our freedom!

That the speaker was demon-possessed Jeremiah didn’t doubt. Nonetheless, the crowd surrounding him hung on his every word.

The sound of running feet echoed along the pavement behind Jeremiah. A quick glance round showed a group of youths racing towards him.

Blind panic threatened to overwhelm him until he spotted a fire escape, attached to the side of an abandoned warehouse. He hauled himself up, hand over hand, feet slipping and sliding on the wet steps. At the top he paused, hunched over as he struggled to get his breath. Damp hair hung in rats’ tails over his face and his heart hammered against his ribs.

‘There he is!’

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