Interview with Adam Sifre

Today's guest is author, Adam Sifre. His novel, I've Been Deader, has put a unique spin on zombie-lit. He's here to talk about writing, life, and of course, zombies.

Being a zombie is no picnic and it's one hell of a handicap in the romance department when you fall in love with a 'breather':

Aleta is a breather with short blonde hair and brown eyes - two of them! - and the whitest smile Fred has ever seen. Every day at a certain time she sits at her window, and every day he stands in the rubble across the street among a crowd of zombies waiting to break through the fence and eat her.

'You are beautiful, like an angel', he thinks, but all he can moan is, “Braaaiiinss."

Still, as zombies go, Fred's quite a catch. Underneath all the gangrene and rot, Fred is different. This girl will probably turn out to be yet another dead end, an infatuation, someone whose image he cannot get out of his mind and whose taste he cannot get out of his mouth, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

For breathers, it is always only a matter of time, however beautiful they are and whatever the government is assuring people. Which makes Fred sad because he has a beautiful 11 year old son called Timmy, and Timmy may still be alive.

Tricia: Please tell us about yourself.

Adam: I am a very complicated person. Many reviewers have referred to Adam Sifre as “The Rubik’s Cube of writers.” It’s taken me years to figure out where everything goes. Sometimes I wake up happy and then ten minutes later I roll over and go back to sleep. Usually, I skip breakfast, but I won’t say no to a plate of bacon if you put one in front of me. I enjoy writing, but I hate talking about myself. Fortunately, I happen to be an interesting person and an excellent writer, so there’s always something to talk about.

Tricia: What inspired you to write I’ve Been Deader?

Adam: Who can remember? Maybe I was trying to impress a lady. That’s what usually inspires me to do what little I do.

Tricia: That's a very inspiring story. Hold on, let me get a tissue. Okay, I'm back. Tell us about Fred and his unique challenges and abilities?

Adam: Like me, Fred’s just trying to make it through the day. Also like me, Fred’s a bit of a zombie. What makes him unique, other than being undead, is that Fred remembers who he was. He also (bit of a spoiler alert here) discovers that he can control other zombies. (Okay, you can look now). Poor Fred is challenged in both the romance and survival department. How do you court the woman you love when all you can say is “Braaiinnsss?” Plus he has to do all this AND avoid being shot by over zealous breathers. Not to mention the chances of just simply dying again if he doesn’t get his undead hands on the small meteorite currently residing in the back of an undead mailman’s head some 2,000 miles away. If that weren’t enough, Fred needs to find his son, Timmy. Fred may be a zombie with heart, but to the rest of the undead world, the only good Timmy is a dead Timmy.

Tricia: So, what’s the deal with Fred and Aleta? Is there a romance in the making, or is a zombie/breather relationship doomed for failure?

Adam: I don’t want to give anything away, but if I were you, I wouldn’t bet on true love conquering all. Putting aside the obvious difficulties facing any zombie/breather relationship, Aleta is a single mom with a preteen daughter. I mean, what guy – living or dead - wants to step into that mess?

Tricia: That is so true. Why fear the zombie apocalypse when there's a preteen plague sweeping our nation? When I last interviewed you, you’d decided to self-publish I’ve Been Deader, but I understand the book was picked up by a publisher. How has that experience been?

Adam: That’s right. The book was picked up by Taylor Street Publishing. It was difficult to give up some of the control issues I had at first, such as the book cover (my preference was for a less gruesome cover), a few editing issues and market positioning. But, after a while I started playing X-Box again and pretty much forgot about all this. Then you came along with your little interview questions and dragged the whole mess back up again. Thanks a lot. 

Tricia: . Oops. My bad. Besides I’ve Been Deader, what is your favorite zombie book?

Adam: I’m embarrassed to say that I never read another zombie book before. If I knew how many of the damned things there were on the market, I probably never would have bothered to write “I’ve Been Deader” in the first place.

Tricia:. What is your ideal cast for I’ve Been Deader: The Movie?

Adam: I’m thinking that guy from Boardwalk Empire for playing Fred. Steve whatshisname. Or Maybe Johnny Depp. Depp would be great as Jon Tanner as well. Jon’s a slightly insane killer who discovers he has a talent for killing the undead. The rest of the cast I’d fill with actors I don’t like, since everyone in the book dies a horrible death. (Oops. Spoiler alert).

Tricia:  Well, it seems you've given casting a great deal of thought. It's good to plan ahead. What writing projects are currently on your plate?

Adam: I’m finishing the prequel, currently titled “Take A Breather.” It’s a bit darker than “I’ve Been Deader” but I think the writing is maybe even a little better than the first book. That’s saying a lot, given “I’ve Been Deader” is a near perfect blend of horror and comedy. I’m also working on a second book of short stories and then I’ll be writing a docucomedy called “My Life on Facebook: And Other Truths, Half-Truths and Outright Lies.”

Tricia: Well, you sound very busy. I'm looking forward to Take A Breather. I'll definitely be the first in line to buy it. And, when the movie hits the big screen, I'll be ready. Hey, can I be one of the zombies? No, never mind. Horrible death. Not my cup of tea.

Well, for all you breathers, ahem... readers out there who are interested in learning more about Adam Sifre's work, here's a few helpful links:

Buy the book on Amazon (US) or Amazon (UK)


  1. Thanks Tricia! Keep your eyes open for the prequel. Sometimes a zombie apocalypse is the least of one's problems.


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