Book Review: Crash Into My Heart

Crash Into My Heart
by Selene Grace Silver
Published Oct 27, 2012
My Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

A smart, professional, self-sufficient single mom, Janice has learned never to depend on anyone but herself. But when her tire blows out and her car lands in the ditch, stranding her on a lonely desert highway, the help she gets from a sensual, dark stranger driving a sexy sports car makes her reconsider her fierce independence.

An aggressive executive, dedicated to running his successful company in a competitive industry, Adrian doesn't have time for anything—or anyone—else. Until he comes upon a beautiful woman in need of rescuing. Maybe he does have time for more than business.

Can Adrian make time for love?

Can Janice trust enough to love?

"Crash Into My Heart" is a sensual, romantic short story. It is meant for mature readers.

NOTE: This novella was gifted to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

MY REVIEW: Janice is a single mom of two boys. After her husband dies, she dedicates her life to her sons and makes no time for the pursuit of love. Adrian is a high-powered business man who isn't in the market for a committed relationship. When a car accident brings them together, the attraction between them surprises them both.

Despite the erotic nature of this novella, it was actually a very sweet, romantic story. The author has created two multi-dimensional characters who sizzle when they come together. I really found myself rooting for this couple and hoping they would find more than a summer fling.

My only complaint about this book is that it wasn't longer. I really would have liked to have seen the relationship between Janice and Adrian explored a little deeper. But, in all fairness, that is usually my feeling with most romance stories I've enjoyed. When the reader falls in love with a couple, the story never seems long enough. And I definitely fell in love with this story, so it could have been 1000 pages and I would have left wanting more.

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