Book Review: Reflections - Eternal Curse

Reflections - Eternal Curse
By J. Dorothy
Published Oct 8, 2012
My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Jo doesn’t know why she inherited a magical ring.

She doesn’t know why her father abandoned her when she was a baby, or the truth about her mother’s death.

Jo doesn’t know a lot about her past.

But she’s about to find out.

Nearing her eighteenth birthday, she’s about to discover what really happened to her father all those years ago.

She’s on a new path, a path including her first love, a path that will lead to the truth about a family secret held for generations.

Jo’s about to face her first real challenge.

‘Reflections’ is just the beginning.


I had the pleasure of reading this book ages ago when it was posted on a writer's site. When I found out it had been picked up by a publisher, I was really excited and looked for it ever since. It's always interesting to see how an early draft on a work-shopping site evolves after the author and publisher work together to turn a manuscript into a masterpiece.

Reflections is the first book in a trilogy and is a very strong start to the series. In this Young Adult Fantasy novel, we meet sisters, Jo and Gabriella. Due to their wicked aunt Rowelyn and a secret family curse, the two sisters are complete opposites. While Gabriella is vivacious, outgoing, and gorgeous, Jo is reserved, quiet, and possesses an understated beauty. The differences between the two sisters reach much deeper - while Jo is kind and selfless, Gabriella hides a manipulative and selfish nature under her lovely facade. Can we blame the curse for Gabriella's less appealing qualities? Or, is it Gabriella's choices that make her who she is?

While the reader is pondering the age-old question of nature versus nurture, we're also taken on a wild ride as mysteries are carefully unwrapped and secrets are revealed. Whereas in most fantasy novels, magic is often the medicine that cures the characters' ills, in Reflections magic is the problem. Jo doesn't set out to fight magic with magic; she seeks to solve her problems with determination, common sense, and intelligence.

In the midst of a race against time plot, the ultimate sibling rivalry, and the rapidly unfolding mystery, we also have two unique romantic stories and brilliantly crafted secondary characters that really help to round out this story. I enjoyed every moment of this story and can't wait until the next books in the series are released.

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