Interview with Elaine Raco Chase

Today, I'm proud to feature Elaine Raco Chase, award winning author of seventeen novels and the host of a highly popular online radio program. Her novel, Double Occupancy, has been on FB's What to Read After  50 Shades of Grey - Top 50 Books List for 18 weeks .

Read what people are saying about DOUBLE OCCUPANCY...

"A real sizzler! Explicit, funny, provocative, and edgy. Casey and Travis are a hot couple who enjoy each other in so many ways!" ~ Jan Taylor on Amazon

"The erotic sex scenes are teasing through out the whole story until the end when their love making becomes blitz-fully exciting and hot and so worth waiting for." ~ QueenTuttsWorld on Amazon

"I could not put it down...Playful flirting, great arguments I cant say enough it is a MUST READ!!! And HOT tasteful SEX scenes I have reccomended to all of my friends..." ~ Maggie on Amazon

As a special treat, Elaine Raco Chase has provided the blurb and an excerpt of Double Occupancy for our enjoyment:

Meet Casey Reynolds – she is NOT thin, petite, clueless, virginal or submissive. Which is exactly why Travis Craig wanted to 'kick down her door and throw her on that bed.' Read the couple that reviewers have said: "their witty banter will have you laughing but their hot and steamy moments will have you begging for more." "a book with solid characters & lots of humor" "amazing read, I wish it was longer."

Read why this erotic duo has been on FB's What to Read After 50 Shades of Grey – top 50 books – for 18 weeks!

"All right! That's it! I've had enough." He stomped up the three steps that separated the living room from the dining room.

"What is your problem?" She automatically rolled another sheet of paper into the machine.

Travis yanked the plug from the outlet, totally ignoring her shocked cry of protest. "My problem is I'm getting to be an expert on static cling, waxy, yellow buildup and dishes that shine." He rocked back on the heels of his bare feet as he towered over her. "My problem is you."

Casey stared at him in stunned silence. He looked larger than normal, his gray twill shorts and black T-shirt emphasizing the broad lines of his physique. She pushed back her chair, stood up and looked him straight in his glittering eyes. "I am very sorry that you've had to do all the household chores," she responded with stiff formality, "but I warned you about that from the beginning and I think it's very selfish of you to –"

"I'm only selfish about one thing and that's you." Travis grabbed her arm and dragged her over to the ornate mirror that hung on the wall over the buffet. "Look at yourself," he ordered, his long fingers clamped around her chin, forcing her to comply. "You are a mess. You look worse than when I arrived. You're on the verge of total exhaustion."

"Complimentary to the end, aren't you." She pulled herself out of his grasp and turned away.

"I am not trying to denigrate you." His voice was quiet, his tone softer. "I am damn worried about you. I care." He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her body against him. "You are pushing yourself harder than ever and I don't understand why. And, honey, I hate to tell you this but nothing you've written in the last week is any good."

Casey sighed, closed her eyes and nodded. "I know it stinks and I feel so guilty for using all that paper and probably a whole forest died." She sniffed and leaned back, enjoying the feel of his hard length pressed intimately against her. Her head lolled against his shoulder, the soft skin of her face brushing against the rough stubble on his cheek. She sighed again, allowing herself to enjoy the intoxicating sense of well-being.

"What you need is to succumb to the lure of the tropics." Travis's low-pitched husky voice was like a physical caress. His breath felt warm against her ear. "Tomorrow, I'm going to take you away from that typewriter and carry you off into the jungle on a little safari."

She giggled. "You've had too much sun and Edgar Rice Burroughs. I saw you reading those Tarzan stories."

He laughed and hugged her tight. "As intriguing as that sounds, I do not have a Tarzan complex." His hands slid up her arms to the bare expanse of shoulders revealed by the strapless top of her navy romper. "I have learned about a very interesting place not too far from here complete with plantation ruins, cascading waterfall, and a secluded lagoon." His fingers began to knead the tight muscles of her neck and shoulders.

"Hmmm…that feels so good." Casey exhaled a deep sigh of pleasure and moved her head to one side, silently encouraging him to rub the strain from her neck. "Jungle lagoon, huh? Well before I left home, the Syfy Channel had a weekend of Amazon jungle monsters. So…are we talking giant piranhas that will strip our flesh off; or eight foot leeches or snakes and 'gators that can swallow a jet plane or –"

His hand stopped her tirade. "Oh, my god, you are worse off than I thought. Come on, you are going to get a head start on relaxing right now." He smiled at her, letting his strong fingers seek and imprison her wrist as he led her towards her bedroom. "Trust me, no piranhas, leeches, 'gators, or snakes…maybe a few normal sized ants trying to eat our picnic." He flipped on the dresser light before gently pushing Casey down on the bed.

"Right now, I am going to introduce you to something that will improve your circulation, soothe your frazzled nerves and relax you into a deep sleep for the night so you will be refreshed for tomorrow." Casey was unable to exercise the willpower to say no. She let Travis arrange her weary, tense body face down on the mattress. His deep voice purred in her ear. "This was a luxury to the ancient Greeks and Romans but practiced by the Chinese for hundreds of years. The art of massage."

Tricia: Welcome, Elaine. And, thank you for sharing the wonderful excerpt. It's a pleasure to have you on my site. Can you tell us a little about yourself.?

Elaine: Well, first let me thank Tricia for this interview – deeply appreciated. I'm a mother and a grandmother – been around a while (LOL) I teach creative writing at the college level but also have been invited to come into schools for grades 3-8 to energize kids about writing. I'm currently teaching online as my last college gig – Miami-Dade in Florida – well my class wouldn't let me leave them when I moved!

Tricia: When did you begin writing?

Elaine: I started writing for TV/Radio/print ads right after highschool, working in advertising and then radio/TV – I wrote and voiced radio shows and tag lines for TV programs and was invited to help create a pilot show for NBC way too many years ago called Saturday Nite Live. I lasted 5 days…I was 19 and the only one not on drugs or drunk…hmmm.

I started writing novels and was first published in 1979 with contemporary romance from Dell Publishing, then went on to write romances for Dell, Silhouette, Avon – and a mystery series for Bantam. My first non-fiction- How to write the Amateur Detective Novel from Writer's Digest Books was nominated for the prestigious Agatha Christie Award and is actually part of the FBI Forensic Library in Quantico.

Tricia: Is romance your preferred genre?

Elaine: Not sure I have a preferred genre. I love romance and mysteries – currently I'm updating, expanding, enhancing my backlist – all of which were number one bestsellers.

Tricia: Which book did you publish first? 

Elaine: Rules of the Game was my first published novel and I just recently put it into ebook form, updated, expanded it – added new characters, plot points..all the things that you couldn't write in 1980 – due to 'editorial' rules and book length.

Tricia: Of all your novels, do you have a favorite? 

Elaine: I'd have to say the next book is my favorite or my characters would mutiny!

Tricia: Tell us about your most recent release. 

Elaine: I just released and slightly updated my first woman's fiction novel BEST LAID PLANS – it's part of the Amazon KDPrime program for right now. It's a romantic comedy – a friends with benefits, chicklit book – written before those tags even existed. But Amanda Wyatt is a contemporary business woman who begins to look at her best friend, sexy Lucas Crosse, in a whole new light – until she meets Wade Lloyd. From New Orleans to Dallas – it's a sexy, explicit, romp.

Tricia: How do you come up with the ideas for your novels? What inspires you as a writer? 

Elaine: That's a tough question. Usually I start with a character idea…add in other characters. Sometimes it's a what if – which is the book I'm updating now – "what if a woman saves to go on the vacation of her dreams – a cruise – and gets so sick she never leaves her cabin. When she comes back, her girlfriends want to hear moonlight,music and a handsome man. So she gives them all that – she invents a lover…who shows up! And demands some answers. When it was first published I got a lot of phone calls about 6 months later, the book "A Dream Come True" hit #1 on assorted bestsellers lists at the time and was optioned for a TV movie that never happened. And then Remmington Steele debuted and even my agent felt – "wow, they copied your book." …Now it's being updated and put back to its original title "Caught in a Trap" – the character's richer, the sex erotic, the plot enhanced but this is one laugh-a-minute romantic comedy.

Tricia: In addition to being an award-winning author, you’re also the host of an online radio talk-show. Can you tell us about this? 

Elaine: It was just an accident. I had seen an ad on FB saying Triangle Variety Radio was looking for a host for a show…I had done radio before and sent in an email…got a phone call, they liked me voice, I put together an author interview show and ….The Author's Corner is #1 on the network, in the top 5 of all of Blog Talk…with listenership growing over the past few months to over 50,000…now not all at once but some shows average close to 10,000 listeners! It's fun, but hard work…it's not something that's just thrown together. I've done shows on all sorts of genres as well as focusing on kids and bullying.

Tricia:  Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? 

Elaine: No…I'm focusing on getting Caught in a Trap out before the holidays.

Tricia: What writing projects are you currently working on? 

Elaine: I'm working with a great group of narrators on acx to get all my ebooks into audio. Currently: Special Delivery and Dare the Devil are narrated by the award winning team of Destiny Landon and Lee James…they've even done original music and sound effects so it's like listening to a movie sound track. Totally different but equally 'hot' is narrator Sheila Book who has done Video Vixen and Designing Woman and is working on Calculated Risk. Janina Edwards did a fabulous narration on One Way or Another which is one of my classics that I didn't update but proved to be 'current.' And coming any day is Rachel Logan who narrated Rules of the Game – whew – one hot read as well.

Tricia: What advice do you have for new or aspiring authors?

Elaine: I'll tell everyone exactly what I tell my adult students: write a damn good book. Make it rich with character development, plotting, be inventive – I love ebooks – there are no restrictions on what you can write or do!

Tricia: Where can my readers go to learn more about your work or to purchase one of your novels?

Web page: www.elaineracochase


Twitter: @ElaineRaco The Author's Corner …Thursday nites 8PM eastern…and encore's on Saturday nite 8 PM eastern

Amazon link for Double Occupancy

Blue Moon Sizzlers is always free on iTunes/smashwords soon on all other sites!


  1. It's so wonderful to read an interview with you, Elaine. It fills in the gaps for me. I knew you were successful, but I didn't realize quite how much! The questions were great, Tricia. Good interview, you two.

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  5. I've read several of Elaine Raco Chase's books and loved them all. They're sexy and sophisticated and lots of fun. Most of her books are in audio now. What a treat!

  6. Thank you, Patricia. I'm so glad you stopped by. Elaine is such a fascinating person, I feel honored to have had a chance to visit with her on my blog.

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