Book Review: One Last Lie

One Last Lie
By Rob Kaufman
Published May 2012
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Philip and Jonathan have had the perfect life together for ten years - fulfilling every dream except that of having a child. Along comes Angela, Philip’s college friend who apparently conquered her old demons of obesity and manic-depression.

After reacquainting and becoming good friends, the three decide to have a child together through artificial insemination of Jonathan’s sperm.

From that point, Philip and Jonathan’s idyllic life begins to unravel. Angela’s mask of deceit gradually slips as her pregnancy awakens psychological and physical problems, leaving Philip and Jonathan regretting ever allowing her into their lives.

Told from an elderly Jonathan’s hospital bed, Angela’s tangled web unwinds into heartbreak, deception, legal battles, and finally murder – with a surprise ending no one could have ever imagined.

My Review: I won this book in a giveaway, otherwise I might never have discovered it. Wonderfully written, this book played as a movie in my mind. Actually, it would make a wonderful movie.

Of the two main characters, I found Philip to be the most likable, though I could relate to Jonathan. The love story between the couple is beautiful and the portrait of their lives together is just perfect. Though I hated Angela with every fiber of my being, she was very well-drawn. I understood her motivations, twisted as they were. It was often difficult to decide whether she was a mentally ill person or just plain evil. 

The ending...I wish I could tell everyone the ending because it's so amazing and surprising I want to share it with the world! But, that would be a spoiler, and I don't do spoiler reviews, so you'll just have to buy the book and see for yourself what I'm talking about. If you're interested in buying it, here's the Amazon link: