Book Review: The Vampire Mechanic

The Vampire Mechanic
(Book Three of The Banned Underground series)
by Will Macmillan Jones
Published October 2012 by Safkhet Publishing
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Oh dear. Santa's not-so-little helpers have "borrowed" his sleigh on their way to a Banned Underground concert – and crashed it on the way. Can the Banned help them before Santa finds out? But the mechanic who services the sleigh is a vampire, and getting the job done could be a challenge. If that's not enough, the Dark Lord's Mercedes is getting a bit long in the tooth too, and he fancies the sleigh as a replacement. And will Grizelda, the off-white witch give back the reindeer after using one to win the local show-jumping competition?

With the Vampire Mechanic in the clutches of the apprentice Dark Lord and Grizelda's dreams of blue ribbons, the Banned will have to go like a Bat out of Hell this time…

The Vampire Mechanic, the third book in the Banned Underground series, is a unique mix of fantasy and Terry Pratchett-style humor for the rock generation and their kids. Different from other comedic fantasies, it parodies the touring music scene, bureaucracy, taxation and with its tongue-in-cheek slapstick humor, witty puns and word games.

Note: Safkhet Publishing provided an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

My Review: I scarcely know where to start in reviewing this book. Do I talk about the humor? The characters? Do I recommend this book for fantasy lovers? Or, how about a Christmas book? Okay, I know what you're thinking - what the heck do vampire mechanics have to do with Christmas? Well, when it comes to fixing Santa's sleigh, a vampire mechanic is essential - and so is the rag-tag group known as The Banned Underground.

I thought long and hard about this review. Do I tell people to rush out and buy this for a fun Christmas gift? Or, do they need to read the first two books in the series? While I would certainly recommend that you read the first two books, it isn't necessary to do so. This is a self-contained book a reader new to the series will enjoy. And, it certainly is a fun book for young adults and for adults who are young at heart. It's a light, fun comedy with multi-layered humor. Some younger readers might not understand all the jokes. There were a few jokes where I had to stop, re-read, exclaim "oh, how clever," and then laugh.

This is a book that even the non-fantasy lover can enjoy. The Banned Underground and cohorts exist in our world - Wales as a matter of fact. And, even though the GPS (or satnav for those UK readers) laments having to go to Wales yet again, the reader will certainly enjoy the trip.

And, now onto the characters...From the crazy antics of the Banned, to Grizelda who turns people who annoy her into frogs at the drop of a hat, to depressed vampires, there's a whole cast of characters the reader will root for and enjoy. Heck, I even found myself rooting for the dark wizards from the Accounting firm. Maybe it's because I used to work in accounting.

The blood-sucking mechanic jokes will please anyone who has ever spend a month's wages on a simple car repair. And, the fast-paced plot with clever dialogue is sure to be a hit. Highly recommended.

The Vampire Mechanic is available on Amazon in the US and the UK.


  1. Yay! What a fabulous review! Well done, Will and thank you for sharing, Tricia! :)

  2. Another brilliant review, Tricia! Well done Will and Tricia! :D

  3. Thanks, Sophie, Sheryl and Kate for your comments. Will deserves a round of applause for a wonderfully hilarious book.


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