Interview with Katrina Jack

Today, we're meeting with Katrina Jack, author of Land of Midnight Days, an urban fantasy novel now available in both ebook and hardback.

ATW:  Hi, Kate. Welcome back to my blog. For those readers who might not be familiar with your book, could you tell us about the premise?

Kate: The premise of the Silver Flute trilogy overall, is a combination of love, loss, bigotry and disability overcome. I’ve tried to make life as hard as possible for the main protagonist, Jeremiah Tully, thus illustrating that adversity can be triumphed over, if you’re determined enough.

Land of Midnight Days introduces the reader to a world very much like our own, with one difference, it’s overrun by demons, ogres and hybrid creatures, part ogre, part demon, known as “Gangers.” Jeremiah himself is mixed race, being part “Elwyn” and part human. What I’ve tried to do, is use established mythological creatures in a new way. Although classed as YA urban fantasy, Midnight is also part fairy tale, part horror – a volatile combination! 

ATW: You've been feverishly working on the sequel. Can you tell us about it and when we might expect to see it in print?

Kate: Through the Gloaming continues Jeremiah’s journey towards enlightenment. This time the setting, still with an urban theme, is an underground world. It reintroduces some characters from the first book. We also see the departure of two of them, and the appearance of new ones.

Regarding publication, I’m hoping it will be available before the onset of summer. 

ATW: Land of Midnight Days has been in ebook format for a few months. How excited were you when you saw your book in hard back format?

Kate: I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was. Although thrilled when the book was published as an e book, it’s always been my dream to hold a “real” version of it and now I can. To say I’m over the moon would be a massive understatement. 

ATW: Ebooks are wildly popular, but there is still a market for print books. Do you think print books have and an advantage over books that are offered only in electronic formats?

Kate: I do. I own a Kindle and wouldn’t part with it for the world. That said, nothing, in my opinion, can compare to owning a tangible copy. My room is crammed with bookshelves, filled with all kinds of books. To get rid of them, merely for the sake of convenience, would be unthinkable. A reading device can break down and for most people are not easily replaced, as they’re still quite expensive. Physical books, if looked after, can last a lifetime and there’s no running on the spot to keep up with the latest bit of technology.

ATW: What's next for your characters and the series?

Kate: After Gloaming, Jeremiah will make his final appearance in the last of the Silver flute trilogy (title yet to be decided). Whether or not his tale has a happy ending, I haven’t yet reached a decision. But it will be spectacular – I can promise you that.

ATW: Since your book has been published, does marketing get in the way of your writing time?

Kate: Sometimes. It’s also quite hard not to annoy people with repetitive self-promotion. 

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  1. Go Kate! The world you made sounds fascinating.

  2. Thanks for that, I tried my hardest.

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