Interview with V.S. Nelson

Today's guest is V.S. Nelson, author of Eternal Lovers: Book One of Sekhmet's Guardians.

Tricia: Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

V.S: Always loved this question… Where to begin? Well let’s see, I’m Native American, a Scorpio (which probably explains my love for the unusual and paranormal.) I’m also a grandmother and thanks to my soon-to-be husband, a great grandmother of five. I retired from my teaching career which took me to the Middle East for several years. I now live in sunny Arizona where I spend a good percentage of my days sitting in front of my computer writing, rewriting and editing. 

Tricia: When did you begin writing?

V.S.Like most authors I started writing short stories as a child then in high school I dove deep into the literary arts taking numerous classes in creative writing. Although I had planned on becoming an author I put my dreams aside while I went on to finish my education. Fate had a way of putting my writing aside for a few years. I ended up eventually writing non-fiction and text books while I taught school. It wasn’t until I retired from teaching I began my journey as a fiction novelist.

Tricia: Can you tell us about your most recent publication?

V.S.: Eternal Lovers – Sekhmet’s Guardians – Book One is a cross genre paranormal romance.

Where as, most band-of-brothers paranormal series concentrate on a group of heroes, my series relates more to the heroines, who find themselves in love with a group of immortal men.

In book one, Jennifer, a young Native American seeks answers to the questions she has carried since early childhood. It is only after meeting Gabriel, she is confronted with the reality, not everything is as it appears to be in this world we live in and things do go bump into the night. Jennifer’s story is quite unique but yet not so different from any other woman who matures from a shy, withdrawn individual into the strong leader of women warriors.

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book?

V.S.: In the beginning I had no intention of seeking publication for the novel nor did I realize it would turn into an eleven book series. Gabriel, the hero from the book and the director of Guardians Incorporated showed up in my dreams. Night after night he would show me segments of his world as he shared his story with me. I originally thought if I wrote out his story he would go away and leave me alone. Guess what? It didn’t work. He is still here and still sharing the tales of the Guardians with me.

Tricia: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your novel?

V.S.: Staying true to the characters and their story… Let me try to explain. As a professional trained writer we are taught there are certain rules to follow in writing romance regardless of the genre. The first rule I broke in writing Eternal Lovers was having your heroine and hero meet within the first couple of chapters as the story they shared with me didn’t have them meeting for several chapters. After finishing the manuscript I following the guidelines set forth in writing romance ripped out 148 pages from the beginning. I was soon told the manuscript didn’t work. Why would a reader care about Jennifer if they didn’t know her? Eventually, I took those ripped out 148 pages reworked them and put back a percentage of them. Still Gabriel and Jennifer do not meet for several chapters but the reader now has a good idea who they both are. If gives them enough information to care about both characters and the story moves forward quite quickly.

Tricia: Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

V.S.: Another hard question considering Eternal Lovers is multi-plotted with a cast that is worthy of a night time soap. I would have to say I love Jennifer because her story is much like mine. On anther note I also am quite fond of Jennifer’s best friend Alice. She is a bit on the wild side, out spoken and has a fondness for shopping like it was an athletic sport.

Tricia: Which character was the most challenging to write?

V.S.: That would be Jessica, Jennifer’s sister who doesn’t come into the series until book two, Eternal Nights. Without giving too much away, I will tell you that no one including Jennifer knows about Jessica for sometime. Although she is present, she has been hidden within another creature her entire life.

Tricia: Which authors have inspired your writing?

V.S.: H.G. Wells, Hemingway, J.R.Ward and Lara Adrian. Now isn’t that a combination? I love every book I can get my hands on and I often tend to fall asleep at night with a book in my hand. Needless to say I read and love everything from the classics to modern paranormals.

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

V.S.: Currently, I am working on books four and five of the series in addition to a commercial fiction, The Sins of a Man, The Story of a Mafia Hit-man.

Tricia: If your book was ever made into a movie, which actors and actresses would you cast?

V.S.: In many ways, the Rock aka Dwayne Johnson reminds me of Gabriel. Perhaps it is his size and dark eyes, who knows? I have no idea who could play Jennifer as she is an unusual looking petite woman with emerald green eyes even though she is Native American.

Tricia: How do you handle unfavorable reviews?

V.S.: I pay little attention to negative or even positive reviews, although I would much prefer to receive the positive ones. No one can predict who is going to relate to your characters, voice or story. It is an individual choice just like anything else. Some people love red meat while others do not.

Tricia: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have five books with you, which books would you choose?

V.S.: Five blank endless journals to write in.

Tricia: What songs/artists are on the playlist for your book?

V.S.: My Immortal by Evanesce, Save Me by Shinedown and Nickelbacks, Trying Not to Love You are three tunes which remind me of Eternal Lovers.

Tricia: Do you have any special skills, education, or hobbies that enhance your writing abilities?

V.S.: Not that I am aware of. My degrees are in Ancient Civilizations… perhaps that helps. My hobbies are just as varied as my personal choice of reading material. I love camping, fishing and the great outdoors. In my spare time I crochet, bead and create historical garments for theatrical groups.

Tricia: What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

V.S.: Listen to your muse or your characters and stay true to them. See number 5.

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  1. Great interview, VS, and I also love Evanescence and Shinedown:)

  2. Nice answers. It seems we have yet another thing in common... Music! Hugs :)

  3. So much fun when sexy men show up in your dreams! Looking forward to reading my copy :)

  4. Thank you one and all for your great comments. Yes it is fun dreaming off all those sexy guys but can be a bit overwhelming too. lol

  5. Great interview! Sounds like a very interesting series.

  6. Thank you Stacey.I hope you will consider adding it to your "to be read" list.

  7. I loved this interview, you let more about you and your writing style out to us readers.
    It is great to get to know each author as a person.
    thank You for choosing writing/author

  8. Another great interview, Virginia. It's nice to learn about all your facets with each interview.

  9. Thank you Patches and Cutter - it is always nice to hear that someone likes what you have done with your life.

  10. I enjoyed this interview. You did a good job Virginia. I felt that the uniqueness of your Native American Heritage that you bring 'to the table' when writing your novels really shined through.


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