Book Review: The Showing

The Showing
by Will Macmillan Jones
Published January 30, 2013
My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

His visit to the house has awoken that which was sleeping.

How many will be taken before it is laid to rest?

My Review: When Mr. Jones' grandfather's house is put on the market with a real estate agent, he decides to schedule a showing so he can visit the home that often terrified him as a child. A disappearance prompts the police to get involved and Mr. Jones is forced to enlist help to unravel his family's secrets.  The mysteries surrounding the house are unveiled bit by bit and I couldn't stop reading once I hit the halfway mark.

This was a wonderful tale that gave me goose bumps on more than one occasion. The author relies on carefully crafted suspense rather than gore to create a sense of horror that won't go away until you read that last page. This book was a nice departure from the typical paranormal reads I've come across. Though the idea of a haunted house isn't really anything new, the author put a unique spin on the story that makes it worth picking up. I very much enjoyed reading it.


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