Interview with Chicki Brown

Today's guest in our Valentine Interview Series is the fabulous Chicki Brown. She here to talk about her sensual romantic stories and has provided a sexy excerpt for us to read and enjoy!

Tricia: Welcome Chicki! Please tell us about yourself and why you decided to be a writer.

Chicki: All my life I had been an insatiable reader, but I’d never considered writing. Back in 2000, I began writing what started out as a short story out of sheer on-the-job boredom, but it quickly morphed into a four hundred-page novel. I asked a coworker to read it, and she encouraged me to submit it to publishers. Naturally, I was flattered, but that proved to be a huge mistake. When the rejection letters started pouring in, I realized I had a lot to learn about the craft. It was at that point I began to study and research and considered myself a real writer.

Tricia: How would you categorize your romantic writing?

Chicki: I think my writing is sensual, because I write love scenes that are not too graphic.

Tricia: Tell us about your romantic writing.

Chicki: So far I’ve published six of the eight full-length novels I’ve written. Last week I released a novelette that was published in the WG2E Valentine’s Anthology last year. My first book, Have You Seen Her? is a romance that tells the story of a woman who develops an elaborate plan to escape from her abusive husband. She succeeds, and in the process, meets the man of her dreams. The next release, Hot Fun in the Summertime was women’s fiction with romantic elements featuring an ensemble cast of seven singles that spend the summer sharing a New Jersey beach house. Hollywood Swinging is also women’s fiction (with HEA) focuses on two of the characters from Hot Fun into their new life in Hollywood, California where the heroine discovers she has a stalker.

The next two books, I Can’t Get Next to You (romance) and Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing (women’s fiction) are faith-based stories that I like to call edgy Christian fiction. They push the boundaries of inspirational fiction without losing the message.

My last full-length release, Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, is a return to contemporary romance that tells the story of an egotistical, self-centered movie actor who’s lost everything that makes his life worthwhile until he meets his new physical therapist and her three-year-old daughter.

You Make Me Feel Brand New, a May/December romance and my first novelette, released last week. This is the story of a woman who falls in love with a younger man.

Tricia: Who is your favorite romance writer?

Chicki: New York Times best selling author Beverly Jenkins holds the top spot on my list. Her talent for writing both historical and contemporary romance never fails to amaze me. I am working my way through her entire backlist.

Tricia: What are the qualities of a perfect romantic hero?

Chicki: In my mind, the perfect romantic hero has to be sexy (not necessarily handsome), brave, honorable (or at least becomes honorable before the end of the story), and gentle with the heroine. I love alpha males, but they can’t be so alpha that they act mean or uncaring.
Tricia: What is your greatest challenge as a romance writer?

Chicki: My greatest creative challenge is writing love scenes that strike a balance between sweet and porn. LOL! My biggest issue with the entire process is learning how to not allow marketing and promotion to take over my life.

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