Interview with Jamallah Bergman

Happy Valentines Day from Authors to Watch! I hope everyone has plans to snuggle up with their sweetie. If you're not feeling quite in the mood for those Valentine festivities, why not curl up with a good book? Today's guest, Jamallah Bergman, is the author of several books that are sure to put you in the mood. Why not try one?

Tricia: Welcome, Jamallah. Please tell us about yourself and why you decided to be a writer.

Jamallah: Well my name is Jamallah Bergman and I’m also a single mother of a teenage daughter and I reside in Atlanta GA but I’m originally from Jamaica Queens New York. I decided to become a writer because I had a story that needed to be told. I think all writers are like that, we have ideas budding in our minds and we have to get it out somehow so we write it down with well-developed characters, storylines that will make you stay right along with the story itself.
Tricia: How would you categorize your romantic writing?

Jamallah: I mainly write Interracial both Contemporary and Erotica but I do have to say that my stories have a little bit of everything….a little bit sweet, a little sensual….it can get steamy….but it can get a bit erotic.

Tricia: You've written several books, can you tell us about them?

Jamallah: 1st: If Only You Knew

2nd: The Lady of Gladstone Manor

3rd: Special Kind of Woman (probably my best seller to date)

4th: Sorry…Wrong Number (Book 1 of The Wrong Number Series)

5th: The Biker Next Door

6th: The Admission (March 2013)

7th: Constant Surprises (Book 2 of The Wrong Number Series out in May 2013)

8th: Renzo (Book 1 of The Cipriano’s of Kellington out in June 2013)

Yeah you can say I’ve been a busy girl but each of my books are my favorites…..they are my other babies so to speak….I’ve seen them go on out into the world and have made others happy with what they have to say and show. So yeah that’s how you can say I feel about my books….they all are pretty special to me.

Tricia: Who is your favorite romance writer?

Jamallah: That’s a pretty hard question to answer really….since I don’t get the chance to read very much nowadays since I’m so busy writing,lol, but I do love J.R.Ward and her stories. A friend of mine got me started on her and I became hooked big time. I read the 1st 3 books and just couldn’t put it down. I have the next 3 but I haven’t been able to get the chance to read them because of course I’m busy.

Tricia: What are the qualities of a perfect romantic hero?

Jamallah: A man who loves his woman despite her imperfections and of her past and will show her that despite all that she might have gone through in her life, he will show her the love that she has been missing in her life. A man who will fight for the one he wants to be with and will protect her from harm that might come her way. Also a hero who isn’t afraid to show a bit of emotion, I know that some of the men I’ve had in my stories, they have shown such great emotion when it comes to the women in their lives. Some have even cried which I think that not a lot of men do because of course it’s not I guess a manly thing to do sometimes in stories. But honestly if a woman is going to cry over a man, why can’t a man cry over a woman?
Tricia: What is your greatest challenge as a romance writer?

Jamallah: Probably the greatest challenge being a writer is not only NOT to let what others who might have negative comments about your books to let it get to you BUT to come up with fresh new ideas for stories. I like different…..and I think that I’ve tried to do that in my stories….I go to another level a bit when I tell a story and I think that’s why people like what they read that I write about.


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  1. Thanks for letting me on here Tricia it was so much fun!

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  2. An interesting interview, though I was expecting something more from the 'sexy excerpt' than to have it end with 'dimmed the lights.'
    But still, that's traditional, I guess, dimming the lights or maybe a row of aserisks...


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