Naomi Stone talks about Love in the Land of Lakes

Today, I'm hosting Naomi Stone. She's here to talk to us about Love in the Land of Lakes, an anthology by the Midwest Fiction Writers.

Having participated in Midwest Fiction Writers since 2006, I've had a chance to get to know many of our members, at least casually. I've learned that our writers are not only an incredibly talented group, but also are also, individually, each a warm and caring human being. We are all concerned with telling stories that help deepen our understanding of the human heart.

I don't recall who first proposed the idea of an anthology at one of our monthly meetings; it came up more than once and it always seemed to me like a great way to support not only our organization, but to raise the profiles of the participating writers as well.

When the proposal came up most recently, I was one of the first people to step up and volunteer to make it happen; I knew I could at least handle the production side of book cover-design and formatting. Fortunately, Laura Breck, who had more project management experience, stepped up too and I was happy to bow to her expertise, but I would have stuck with the project even if she hadn't offered her help, because I'm a great believer in the value of working together to support great causes like this.

My story, 'The Wind from the Lake' is a quiet little story in which worlds of differing beliefs collide. It may seem like a contemporary romance, but it includes just a hint of magic. It may only be the magic that arises between people who care about each other, but it might also, possibly be more. Most of my stories contain at least a hint of magic of the sort we can believe might really be out there.

I grew up reading a lot of science fiction and fantasy (along with historicals, mysteries and whatever took my fancy). I finally became interested in romances later in life. When I heard about certain Harlequin guidelines requiring a hero to be at least a millionaire, it was only natural for me to wonder, 'what's better than a millionaire?' and think: a vastly powerful genie who can grant one's every wish!

My background of fantasy reading included such classics as the Burton translation of 'The Thousand Nights and a Night' - sometimes known as 'The Thousand and One Arabian Nights.' It's interesting to see in these stories that the limitation to three and only three wishes is not a necessary requirement of the genie mythos. Genies have vast powers by their very nature and as often as not define their own boundaries in their dealings with humanity.

So, the hero of my forthcoming light urban fantasy romance, 'Spirited!' is just such a genie. He is one of the Marid, the most powerful and god-fearing of the djinn. His part of the story concerns a quest for freedom, even as he helps his heroine save her friends from the threat of a succubus demon she has unwittingly released into the world.

Circling back to the anthology… once upon a time, when I was in high school and college, I studied the ancient language of Latin. That was long, long ago, and much of it has faded from my memory, but I did study the language for seven years, and one of the bits I retained is how the plural form of a noun ending in -us, is -ii. Some people today use that declension on cactus and octopus and pronounce the results as cact-eye or octo-pie - but my Latin teachers were classicists and taught me to pronounce it ee, as in tea. Following this rule, I realized that the plural of genius is genii, or genie.

The magic of it becomes apparent when we find a group of seventeen authors, each contributing the product of her individual genius, to combine into the Genie of Group Creation that produced a book now available in multiple formats: 'Love in the Land of Lakes.'

~ Laramie Sasseville, writing as Naomi Stone
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Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and just as many love stories. Love in the Land of Lakes brings you seventeen of these stories, from two childhood sweethearts connecting on the end of a dock on a warm summer's evening, to a city boy's chaotic weekend at his girlfriend's primitive cabin. We bring you the story of a savvy horse who leads her owner to love in post–Civil War farm country, and the haunting romance of an ageless gambler who inhabits a historic riverboat and charms the boat's new owner.

A kaleidoscope of sunshine, snowstorms, and thunderstorms grace our contemporary, mystery, historical, and paranormal stories as the authors of Midwest Fiction Writers spin lovely romances that will send you drifting into happily ever afters.

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Our Stories:
Bobbers 'N Bait - The evocative marketing gimmick at the new bait store in town has the fishing outfitter all hot and bothered.
A Cut Above the Rest - Rachel knew that a simple haircut had the power to change someone’s life. What she wasn’t counting on though, was how it would change hers.
Lira & Gavril - A dilapidated riverboat brings together a passionate historic preservationist and a man who called it home during the Victorian era.
Rosemary Heim
Lake Dreams - Olivia had her life all planned out. All except for that one impulsive night with her childhood crush. Can he convince her the result is worth the risk?
Hook, Line and Stinker - An LA makeover artist comes home to Minnesota and must use all her skills to tame a wild man.
Kathy Johnson
Snowbound - Caught in a snowstorm, the last person she expects to need her help is the man she loved but lost to someone else.
Rose Marie Meuwissen
Dancing in the Moonlight - Anna Thorstad never imagined reopening her parents' lake cabin would also open her heart to love again.
Barbara Mills
Hooked - An avid outdoorswoman takes her city born and raised boyfriend for a chaotic weekend at her family's primitive cabin on the lake.
J.S. Overmier
Henrietta's Man - A savvy horse carries her Civil War-torn soldier north in search of healing and a future.
Coming Home - A young widow’s faith and courage are tested when she falls in love with her husband’s best friend.
Her Stranger - Each night a stranger comes to Rachel’s cabin door. What is it that makes her fall into his arms?
Lake Secrets - A weekend getaway at the scene of the crime has Elly struggling to keep a secret from her best friend.
Unwrapped - Movie star Sloan Leighton sells love; she doesn’t believe in it. Then one frozen midnight on the shores of Lake Superior, everything changes.
The Bouncing Bobber - Will a budding romance, sidetracked by youth and ambition, be what it takes to lure Jacob and Nate back into love’s net?
What's Up Dock? - Sophie’s handsome new neighbor is burying body bags in his garden. But he’s afraid of raccoons—how could he be a killer?
Naomi Stone
Wind from the Lake - Wishing on a star? Alien contact? When childhood friends Connie and Hank meet again, they don't need to believe in anything but each other.
Roadside Catch - She swore off relationships with doctors, until one finds her injured on the roadside and has her rethinking the possibilities.
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  1. Glad to, Michel, thanks for arranging stops on our anthology blog tour! I realized belatedly that it might help get comments rolling for me to ask readers a question, so here we go:

    What would you wish for from the combined geniuses genie of the many brilliant and talented people in your community?

    ~ Naomi Stone

  2. Great post, Laramie. Your story is definitely one of my favorites in the anthology. And magic is the perfect word for your tales! I hope everyone will pick up "Love in the Land of Lakes" and find one of the stories there to claim as a favorite!

  3. Great post, Laramie! The stories I've read so far are fun and wonderfully written. The anthology was a fantastic idea that bloomed into a beautiful book full of diverse stories. As for your question, I would wish for all bad bad to turn to good. I understand we need to have some bad things happen in our lives, as this is how we learn, but we don't have to have all the negative.

  4. Thanks for stopping, by Jody! May every genius join in the effort to keep all our lives as much to the good as possible.


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