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Pass or Fail
by Barbara Morgenroth
Published April 2012
My Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
Available on Kindle

Desires can be so deep and so demanding that all sense of what's right and good and appropriate is swept away in order to fulfill those needs.

What does it take to pass Mrs. Gray's English class?
Evan Augustine finds out it doesn't have anything to do with school work but she'll make it about that to gain control. From insinuating herself into their rock band to who they see, Mrs. Gray will stop at nothing to get what she wants--her soulmate. Pass or fail has never been more of a threat in school or in life.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Review: I liked this book so much more than I expected to. The first chapter starts off very dark, setting the tone for the serious subject matter addressed. Andy, the front man of his popular high school band, feels lucky to be singled out by Mrs. Gray. Evan, the band's guitar player, isn't sure Andy's relationship with his English teacher is such a good thing. He finds Mrs. Gray's interest in Andy - and in the band - disturbing. When Evan meets Raf, his priorities shift and he's willing to do whatever it takes to protect her.

At the beginning, I thought Andy would be the main character in the book, and I was pleased to find Evan grabbed a greater share of the spotlight. He was a very likable, multidimensional character it was easy to root for. The introduction of Raf and her family was a nice surprise. I found myself very drawn to Raf and I liked her father almost against my will. True insight into Mrs. Gray's character was gradual and offered a few surprises here and there. But, I think the highlight for me was the way Evan grew and evolved as a character and the tenderness he displayed toward Raf.

Overall, this book was gripping. It was quick read. I really didn't stop reading once I began, which in my opinion, is the mark of a very good book. The end was a bit abrupt, but it was satisfying, though I would have liked to find out how things played out for some of the characters after the explosive conclusion. I'd recommend this not only to teens ages fifteen and up, but for adults as well. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

Barbara was born in New York City and but now lives somewhere else.  Starting her career by writing tweens and YA books, she wound up in television writing soap operas for some years.  Barbara then wrote a couple cookbooks and a nonfiction book on knitting.  She returned to fiction and wrote romantic comedies.

When digital publishing became a possibility, Barbara leaped at the opportunity and has never looked back.  In addition to the 15 traditionally published books she wrote, in digital format Barbara has something to appeal to almost every reader from Mature YAs like the Bad Apple series and the Flash series, to contemporary romances like Love in the Air published by Amazon/Montlake, and Unspeakably Desirable, Nothing Serious and Almost Breathing.