Book Review: Love Curse

Love Curse
By Nadia Kim
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

What would you do if you woke up one day and was able to do things you couldn’t explain? Would you think there was something wrong, perhaps that you were crazy? This is the life of Sidney. A teenager in high school, struggling with the adjustment of transferring schools, her life takes a turn for the strange. Fearing the idea of uttering the words to any one, Sidney holds her secret close to her heart. To add to the drama she struggles like most young women dealing with boys. Will Sidney crumble from the pressure of school? Or check in to a luny bin for thinking she was imagining the weird occurrences around her?

On the opposite side of time Joan is immersed in the world of Witchcraft, her powers begin to grow stronger after she is inducted into the coven her maternal line belongs to. But Joan finds herself conflicted when she is ripped from all she knows. Her new environment doesn't lend to her mastering her powers and whats worse, she is forbidden to use them. Joan’s deepest desire goes against what her mother and grandmother have commanded of her. Will Joan make the right decision and abide by their wishes, or will she rip the family apart with the plan she is putting together?

My Review: Love Curse is a story of witchcraft, heartbreak, and a family curse. The tale moves back and forth in time. From Joan's story in the 1950s to Sidney in contemporary times, we learn about a magical curse that affects a family of witches.

Joan is a powerful witch, her talents unrivaled, destined to serve as head of her Coven. Sidney is a confused teen who struggles with high school, a strained family life, and terrifying powers she doesn't understand. Both points of view are very well done, and both characters are quite likable. Though there were a few instances of stilted dialogue, I thought the story flowed well. There were a few grammatical issues as well, but the story was still very readable and any editing issues didn't affect my enjoyment of the story.

Some of my favorite things about the book: The descriptions of magical rituals, the mystery surrounding Joan's family's move early in the book, the switch from Joan to Sidney, the historical aspects of the novel, and the multicultural elements. Yes, there were multicultural elements I was absolutely delighted to see in this book, from a mixed-race character to uses of Arabic. I also enjoyed the insight into the characters' feelings and emotions. By the time I was a few chapters into the book, I felt like I knew these characters inside and out.

I loved the elements of romance in this book, and though one romantic story was settled within the pages of this novel, I'm looking forward to seeing how a different romantic thread is continued in the next book. The ending was a bit abrupt for my taste, though I understand this is the first in a series, so I can understand why the author chose to leave us with a few things unsettled. There are many questions left unanswered, but this story was intriguing enough that I'm definitely excited to read future novels to find out what happens next.

Overall, this is a very strong first book in a very promising series. I would recommend this book to older teens and to adults who love books about witchcraft and magic.

Author Bio:

Nadia grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC. Her childhood was hard and her teenage years even harder. She faced challenges that molded the person she is today and provided good dramatic material for her novels.

Aside from writing Nadia had one other aspiration, to marry and have children. She is now married with three children. In her spare time she plays with her children, spends time as a family, plays softball and likes to watch movies and TV shows.

Nadia is of mixed heritage, her mother comes from a long maternal line of women who were born and raised in bondage and children of slave owners. Her father was from an aristocratic family in Syria. Both her parents have enriched her life by surrounding her with people of different diversities, religions, ethnic backgrounds.

As a child Nadia spent her time aspiring to be a writer and an actor. She took many acting classes and was part of many plays over the years. She also studied Kung Fu for six years during her teens and was a national champion.

Having spent many time writing short stories most of her life, Nadia finnaly realized her dream of becoming a published author earlier this year. Her first novel Reflection was inspired by a series of events where she met someone who seemed to live a parallel life to her own.

She recently began to study Kabbalah which has had the biggest positive impact in her life. The changes have led her down a path to happiness. Nadia continues to write and has more stories to come.
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