Interview with Carmilla Voiez

Tricia: Today, it's my pleasure to introduce Carmilla Voiez, author of Starblood and Psychonaut.

Hi, Carmilla. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Carmilla: I live in Scotland. I have 2 kids and 3 cats. I write horror and erotica. I was voted Horror Author of the Year 2013 by HFA by my debut novel "Starblood". I'm a Goth and I used to design clothes for and run a Gothic Clothing website. I have been writing novels since 2009.

Tricia: When did you begin writing?

Carmilla: I wrote as a child and through my teens, but I started writing again in a more serious capacity in 2009 when I studied Creative Writing with the Open University.

Tricia: Describe your writing process. Do you plot or write by the seat of your pants? When and where do you write?

Carmilla: I start with characters and a nugget of an idea and I just write until the story starts to flow. When I edit I usually delete a lot of chapters which simply got me to where I wanted to be for the story. I use a laptop, normally, either curled up on a sofa or at the kitchen table with a pint of coffee beside me. If I have to dig deep emotionally I tend to switch to a notebook and write freehand then type it onto my laptop later.

Tricia: Can you tell us about your most recent release?

Carmilla: Psychonaut was released in December. It’s a dark fantasy/erotic horror and the second book in my Starblood Trilogy. It follows Satori who is searching both for his lost love and himself. It’s been described as a fairytale of inner wastelands (by Jef Withonef, Houston Press) and has been wholeheartedly endorsed by Horror maestro Graham Masterton.

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book?

Carmilla: The idea flowed naturally on from Starblood. I got the idea for Starblood from writing a violent and disturbing short story which became the basis of chapter 2 and piqued my interest in Lilith, who is one of the three main characters in the first book of the trilogy and a supporting character in books 2 and 3. Book 3 is due for release this September and is called Black Sun.

Tricia: Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

Carmilla: Lilith, she’s completely amoral and yet at the same time dishes out extreme justice on bad men. She’s sexy and intelligent and she has a fascinating back story.

Tricia: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Carmilla: Some of the emotions dealt with in the book are a little too close for comfort at times.

Tricia: Which authors have inspired your writing?

Carmilla: I fell in love with horror quite early. I especially loved the books of Clive Barker. I am sure his work has influenced mine. I also have a penchant for tragic heroines, which may have been influenced by the work of Charlotte Bronte, Gustave Flaubert and Leo Tolstoy.

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

Carmilla: I have two books due to be published in September. The first is Black Sun, it is the final book in the Starblood Trilogy. It follows Star and Satori's journey to a tragic conclusion (again). ;) The second is an anthology of psychological horror that I am editing. Short stories and poems from many great indie writers will be included in this sumptious, illustrated volume. Currently, I'm finishing last minute changes and edits for Black Sun, and I am editing and collating Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds (the anthology). My next project is going to be a vampire story, which I hope will be both humourously sardonic and violent. In between I plan to continue penning erotic short stories.

Tricia: What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Carmilla: Keep writing.

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– Starblood –

In a seedy Goth club, a beautiful woman dances, waiting to be set free. Along an unlit street, another woman stumbles, fleeing her pursuer. In a darkened room, a man speaks to demons. Lust, obsession, terror and humiliation storm into the lives of Star and Satori, proving the age-old maxim - be careful what you wish for. Starblood, the debut novel by Carmilla Voiez, is a tale of magic and horror. Blinded by love, Satori, a young magician, attempts a spell that goes horribly wrong, resulting in the demon Lilith returning to Earth. Satori knows he must send Lilith back. The dark goddess brimming with power makes it her mission to wreak havoc on Satori's life by ensnaring Star, the woman he loves, and her friends in a web of chaos and deceit. 'Carmilla Voiez makes Clive Barker look like Stephanie Meyer.' Jef Withonef, Houston Press.

– Psychonaut –

Satori is caught between two worlds. There is something he needs in one, but the other keeps drawing him back. However, he is in love and he isn’t going to let a little thing like death get in his way. To reach his goal, he must face unimaginable horrors, not least of which is his true self.

Star’s tortured and broken body awaits Satori, but does she really need him to save her? His rival, a rage-filled young woman, grows more powerful and becomes as twisted as the ribbons in her hair while the demon, Lilith, draws each of them inexorably towards her. Who will survive the coming battle?

Full of sex and magic, “Psychonaut” is an exploration into the human psyche and the second book in Voiez’s “Starblood” trilogy.

"Carmilla Voiez is more of a singer than a writer. She tells her compelling story in a hypnotic, distinctive voice that brings her eerie world vividly to life." Graham Masterton

“Psychonaut is a book of mad impulses, inner vision, sadism, escape and belief. You feel uncomfortable reading it, like Alex strapped to the chair in Clockwork Orange being taught to feel sick at atrocity. Rather than leave us crippled by response, though, Psychonaut bears you through the hurt towards the only paradise we can be assured of...a love past fault.” Jef Withonef, Houston Press.