Interview with Suzanne Steele

Suzanne Steele is a successful Author that has written novels over the previous years. She adopted the pen name 'Suzanne Steele,' in order to remain anonymous and delve into writing, for the BDSM community. These books are her first ventures into erotica, in the form of novels and short stories. Though these are her first book releases of erotica, she has been writing faithfully for the last year on her blog, under the pen name, 'Suzanne Steele.' She purposed a year ago to delve into the BDSM community and research the lifestyle. She stated, "That before she wrote about it, she would diligently research it, in order to give the BDSM community, books that not only delved into the acts of BDSM but the emotional aspects, of BDSM." Suzanne Steele, has developed a faithful erotica blog following. When she made a decision to present her fans with her first erotica novels, she purposed in her heart, that she would do it from the ground floor up, alone. Against counsel, she published, authored, edited and did her own covers on these books. When questioned why, her reply was, "I want to be a beacon to independent Authors that do not have access to resources, to write a book, that if I can do it from the ground floor up, then they can too." She is a beacon to independent Authors everywhere that a dream and vision to see it through is enough to be successful, when it comes from the heart. This is literally her labor of love to her fans and followers of her blog, they know who they are. She has purposely stripped herself of using the professionals that she had access to, feeling that it was more important to make a statement to independent Authors everywhere, that if Suzanne Steele can do it, so can you...

Q&A with Suzanne Steele

Tricia: Hi, Suzanne. Welcome to Authors to Watch. You've accomplished so much in your writing career. When did you begin writing?

Suzanne: I began writing online via blogs and gained a faithful following.

After the question presented itself repeatedly through my fans, “When are you going to write a book?” I began researching how to publish an E-Book and pursued the venture.

Tricia: Can you tell us about your most recent release?

Suzanne: My recent release is, ‘The Hit Man.’ This is a story that delves into a girl that has agoraphobia and has not been out of her house for five years. She spies on her neighbors via binoculars and witnesses a murder. The Hit Man then develops a soft spot for her and allows her to live, thus begins the story…
Tricia: Out of all your books, which is your favorite?

Suzanne: My favorite is, “The Boss” I am simply in love with the man that plays the Dom in this series. 

Tricia: Which book was the most challenging to write?

Suzanne: None of my books have really been challenging to write. I get the idea and it develops a life and personality all its own.

Tricia: How do you get the ideas for your books?

Suzanne: My ideas come from the mere fact that I am able to feel other people’s dilemmas. I have always been insightful and able to see behind the scenes if you will. This causes me to be able to write about their situation, as if it were my own.

Tricia: Which authors have inspired your writing?

Suzanne: I really don’t have any Authors that have inspired me. I just have a love of literature. 

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

Suzanne: What projects am I working on? Promoting the 21 e-books that I have…. LOL

Tricia: What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Suzanne: Advice that I would offer would be to not be discouraged by what others say. I tell people that I am not some phenomenal Author but I am a phenomenal story teller. I am able to take people where I want them to go in my stories and they literally feel as if it is them in the story. Find your strengths and your fan base, everyone is not going to love you or hate you, this is why Authors develop a following, a fan base. Be true to them and write because you love to write. Write for the art and not just financial gain and notoriety. 

Tricia: Where can readers go to find out more about your work?

Suzanne: My Amazon page where my e-books are available

My Blog Facebook page 
Goodreads Page 


  1. Great interview! I love Suzanne's writings and it's so nice to see her get the attention that her beautiful words deserve! Once you read one of her stories, you'll want to read them all!!!

  2. Thought that you did such a wonderful job on this Tricia and thank you so much...
    I will definitely continue to spread the word about your helpful advice on editing and publishing books.
    Once again thank you...


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