Book Review: Leah (World's Apart #1)

Leah (World's Apart #1)
By Andrea Baker 
Published October 2012
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Leah knows that her mother died in a car accident when Leah was small and that her father, who used to be the gentlest dad in the world, has become increasingly controlling and occasionally violent.

She also knows that her recurring dreams are telling her something more about how and why her mother died, and why her dad turned nasty, but they are becoming progressively more disturbing and confusing.

When Leah meets Ben, she is excited to have a friend she can confide in and have fun with, but is he what he seems?

The voice of Leah’s mother repeatedly tells her to rely on her instincts, but when Leah is run over in a freak accident and Ben’s family take over her welfare, are they protecting her or using her?

And why would anyone, good or evil, bother with an ordinary girl just about to go to university?

My Review: Leah is a young girl struggling with a strict father and a new school. Memories of her mother's death and recurring nightmares haunt her. When she meets Ben, her life seems to be taking a turn from the better. But, things aren't what they seem. A shocking accident changes everything, and soon Leah's world is turned upside down.

What a fantastic read! I connected with Leah right away. She's a sympathetic, likable character I immediately began to root for. When she meets Ben, the story really takes off. I am absolutely in love with the romance between Ben and Leah. He's cute, considerate, responsible, funny, and mysterious. What isn't to like? When Leah's strict father becomes inexplicably violent, Ben and his family are there to protect her. And when Leah can't keep her nightmares secret any longer, Ben is there to lend an ear. But, why is his father so insistent upon protecting Leah? And, what is Ben and his family hiding? Is the key to everything hidden in Leah's lost memories?

I wish I could say more about this book, but I try to keep my reviews spoiler-free. I can say I am in awe of the author's talent and creativity. Instead of recycling the same paranormal characters, Baker has created something completely new and original. The romantic story that unfolds is entirely believable and Ben is certainly crush-worthy. My only complaint was the ending--it was very abrupt. Fortunately, there is a sneak preview of the next book in the series that gives the reader a good idea of where the story is headed. I cannot wait for book two. This is a series that has serious potential. I'll be first in line to buy every book this author writes.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  1. I agree, Tricia; it's certainly a story that sticks with you. Can't resist adding (yet again) that the cover is really eye-catching. The colour choice is brilliant.

  2. A brilliant review, Tricia, for a great book. I love the clever idea of popping a little taster in the back too to entice the reader, although like you. anyone who reads this book will definitely want to buy the next one! :D


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