Interview with Angelica Dawson

Tricia: Today, we're speaking with Angelica Dawson, author of the Blue Moon House series. Welcome, Angelica. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Angelica: I’m a wife, mom and part-time environmental consultant as well as an author. I’m kept very busy!

Tricia: When did you begin writing?

Angelica: I was writing long complicated stories in grades five and six, but my first submission for publication didn’t come until 2012 with a story written in 2011.

Tricia: Describe your writing process. Do you plot or write by the seat of your pants? When and where do you write?

Angelica: I’m a pantser. I usually have a character who speaks to me and often they won’t leave me alone until I’ve written their story. That’s what happened with Blue Moon House. I spun out 20K words in a weekend because it was that or not sleep. Thankfully none of the prequels have been quite that insistent, though they are all flowing very smoothly.

Tricia: Can you tell us about your most recent release?

Angelica: Kitten is the first of the Blue Moon House prequels. Blue Moon House is the story of a human trying to convince all the vampires of the house that they should turn her and keep her. One of my beta-readers suggested making a series out of it and my first thought was, ‘how?’ Then I got smacked with a clue and realized each vampire had a story only hinted at in the first book. Thus, the prequels were born. I started with next most recent vampire, Jocelyn and will work backward through time. Jocelyn is a modern woman of a new era. In the 1900s she is one of the very few women attending university, and using her body to pave her way. It is this sexual manipulation and sex drive, combined with insatiable curiosity, that lead her to Blue Moon House. Once there, she discovers her past has a greater hold on her than she ever imagined and she has a long road to being included in the House.

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book?

Angelica: The first Blue Moon House was a rebellion against bad BDSM. I wanted something that was equally titillating, that held no bars, that explored everything, but did it in the rules. As I said before, it was a logical leap from the first book to the prequels. Each of the vampires had a full personality and a skeleton past which was easy to expand on. I jotted each down as a couple sentences and then developed their stories from there.

Tricia: Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

Angelica: Sophia. It is going to be difficult writing her story because she is such an enigma through the series. She is powerful, a leader, has a strong set of morals and yet starts out as a vampire that kills her prey and then lives as a prostitute. So far none of the prequels have topped 30K, but hers might be a full novel on its own.

Tricia: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Angelica: The long pause in the middle. When the idea of the prequels evolved, I did the skeleton outline of each vampire and then I started Jocelyn’s story. I only got the first 5000 words or so written and set it aside, thinking that I shouldn’t put too much effort into something that, until then, had only been posted on a fanfiction site and read all of 10 times. Once BMH was accepted by Naughty Nights, though, I knew I would be able to sell the series and should get moving on writing it.

Tricia: Which authors have inspired your writing?

Angelica: Almost better to say which ones haven’t. They’re fanfiction writers, and I won’t slam them by naming, but the SnowQueen’s Master of the Universe was among them. I wanted my erotica to be something different, and in my opinion, better. I wanted the sex not to hang on the plot, but to drive the plot. I wanted the characters sexual development to mirror and follow their personal development. I wanted it all and the stories I was reading then were NOT cutting it. Since then, I’ve found a lot of erotica that I don’t like and a few that I really do. Tessa Wanton is definitely one of my favorites.

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

Angelica: The rest of the prequels, of course! I have one more before I have to tackle Sophia’s story. I’ve also done a few short pieces based on anthology submission calls. We’ll see what happens with those.

Tricia:. What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Angelica: Keep writing and let other people read your writing! It’s scary to had a manuscript over, but it’s selfish not to. It’s the sharing that brings the story to life.

Tricia: Thank you, Angelica, for stopping by.

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  2. I can not wait to read Sophia's story and I really enjoyed Kitten.

    It is scary to hand over a manuscript, but so worth it. Not matter what reaction you get, it can push you forward and that's priceless.

    Thanks ladies


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