Interview with Christine Elaine Black

I'm proud to introduce Christine Elaine Black. She's here to talk to us about her new historical novel, A Rose for Lancaster. Let's have a peek at the book...

A Rose for Lancaster 
by Christine Elaine Black

A York woman and a Lancaster man are forced into a marriage contract to please King Henry VII.

Blanche Langley is swept into King Henry VII's ambitious maneuvers to secure the throne. Tensions flare as a plot to overthrow the king is discovered.
York forces gather to make one last effort to win the throne. Will Blanche betray her king, and her husband, Giles Beaufort?

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Tricia: Welcome, Christine. Please tell us about your new release.

Chrisine: Hello and thanks for having me on Authors to Watch. My newest release is a Tudor historical romance set in the first few years of Henry VII's reign. A York woman and a Lancaster man are forced into a marriage contract to please Henry. As a plot to overthrow the king is uncovered, will Blanche betray her king, and her husband, Giles Beaufort?

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book?

Christine: I've always loved Tudor times and books featuring royals. My daughter is studying Shakespeare and the play Richard III recently interested me enough to brew a story. It's the first novella in a planned Tudor Rose series.

Tricia: What made you decide to write historical fiction?

Christine: Historical fiction is my 'go to' genre, though I don't always read books featuring romance but I enjoy romantic fiction and I'm drawn to writing lots of romance into mine.

Tricia: How much research goes into your novels?

Christine: Most of my research is done through reading many books on the subjects of ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece, medieval times, and royal households. I'm driven to write a good plot with interesting characters, and then pepper in the historical details to add richness.

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

Christine: Glad you asked. I'm currently working on book III of my Roman Imperial Desire series, book II of my Tudor Rose series and I have an almost-ready-to-publish contemporary story featuring an undercover agent. Also, I have a Roman saga waiting in the wings for a thorough edit before setting a date for that one.

Tricia: What historical periods would you like to explore?

Christine: I love Egypt, Troy, Rome, viking/medieval, British kings and queens and Regency. Also, I'm planning to write a mid-West American cowboy tale. It's rolling around my head. Crazy, I know.

Tricia: Have you, or do you have plans to travel to any of the places you've written about?

Christine: I need a time machine to visit most of the places I want to write about. They've changed so much in modern times. I'm heading to New York soon (the scene of my contemporary novel) to check out some Broadway shows and do some sightseeing with the family for a much needed break. :)

Thanks for having me as a guest. It's been a pleasure to be here.

Tricia: Always happy to visit with you, Christine. Please come back and talk to us again.

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Excerpt from A Rose for Lancaster:

I heard a commotion at the far end of the hall as my household men jostled a group of strangers dressed in traveling clothes stained with mud. My immediate thought was to rush out of the hall to my rooms but as head of the house at Langley Manor I must deal with the arrival of newcomers. The steward talked with hasty gestures designed to delay the men, but they pushed past him and strode to the front of the hall.

I rose off my chair, regretting my choice of attire. The men looked roughened by hard riding and I had no wish to attract attention. They paused in a semi circle and shuffled their feet.

“What’s the meaning of this intrusion?”

A young man broke through the line of ruffians, boldly staring at my person. The sight of his proud stance, even though his dress left much to be desired, irritated me.

“We seek the mistress of the house.”

I flinched. He wore the livery of Lancaster and carried a missive bearing an official seal sending a shudder through my bones.

“You carry a message for Lady Langley?”

The young man held the parchment tightly. “It must be delivered in person.”

I dreaded the content of the letter. King Henry may use his power to remove me from my home and pass ownership to another noble, driving me into destitution.

“Follow me, if you will.” We moved through the passageway leading to my father’s private room, used for dealing in estate matters. My steward discouraged the others from following and I faced my unwelcome guest with impatience.

“I am Lady Langley.”

My hand reached for the letter but he eyed me dubiously and refused to hand over the message.

“I seek the mistress of Langley. The elder woman betrothed to Baron Somerset.” The strength and timbre of the voice belied his years, and cloaked in confidence his bearing held effortless grace. Steel gray eyes met mine without a shred of humility.

“Give me the message.” His hesitation irritated me into sharp speech, a thing I did when vexed by servants. “Now, damn you!” I tore open the missive and read it twice before laughing in contempt.

“Somerset is reported dead. I can no more marry him than I can marry Richard of England.”

“You are Lady Langley?” The cheeky lout stared at me with a curious quirk on his lips.

“I am Blanche Langley, mistress of this house.”

“Indeed,” he mused.

“The king orders me to marry Somerset within the month. Does he not know the man died?” I shrugged in confusion.

“I am Giles Beaufort, heir to Somerset.”

*Look inside A Rose for Lancaster on the Amazon website for a complete look at chapter one.