Book Review: Faster than the Rest

Faster than the Rest
Book Two: MacLarens of Fire Mountain
By Shirleen Davies
Published August 2013
Avalanche Ranch Press
Available on Amazon

Headstrong, brash, confident, and complex, the MacLarens of Fire Mountain will captivate you with strong characters set in the wild and rugged western frontier.

Handsome, ruthless, young U.S. Marshal Jamie MacLaren had lost everything—his parents, his family connections, and his childhood sweetheart—but now he’s back in Fire Mountain and ready for another chance. Just as he successfully reconnects with his family and starts to rebuild his life, he gets the unexpected and unwanted assignment of rescuing the woman who broke his heart.

Beautiful, wealthy Victoria Wicklin chose money and power over love, but is now fighting for her life—or is she? Who has she become in the seven years since she left Fire Mountain to take up her life in San Francisco? Is she really as innocent as she says?

Marshal MacLaren struggles to learn the truth and do his job, but the past and present lead him in different directions as his heart and brain wage battle. Is Victoria a victim or a villain? Is life offering him another chance, or just another heartbreak?

As Jamie and Victoria struggle to uncover past secrets and come to grips with their shared passion, another danger arises. A life-altering danger that is out of their control and threatens to destroy any chance for a shared future.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Review: After his fiance leaves town to marry another man, Jamie MacLaren abandons his family's ranch and sets off to start a new life. As a U.S. Marshal, he has a fairly rootless existence. He's never shown any inclination to find a new girl to settle down with, nor to return to his home in Arizona. Jamie is known for his ability to recover kidnap victims; he never imagined he'd be charged with the recovery of the fiance who left him so many years ago. Victoria chose a wealthy husband--or did she? Things aren't always what they seem and Jamie must uncover all Victoria's secrets in order to truly save her.

After a whirlwind romantic relationship between me and the first book in the series (Tougher than the Rest), I immediately began reading this second MacLarens of Fire Mountain book. I was not disappointed and fell even deeper in love with this historical, fictional world Shirleen Davies created. This book has two love stories in one! Yes, that's right. The story primarily focuses on Jamie and Victoria, but there's an amazing subplot that focuses on another would-be couple.

Faster than the Rest re-introduces all our favorite characters from the first book, characters who, by now, are like family to me. It explores forgiveness, trust, heartbreak, betrayal, tolerance, and above all--love. I appreciate the fact that the characters in this series are well-rounded and undergo growth during the course of the book. Each character has challenges (internal or external) they must overcome before they're able to fully commit to a romantic relationship. And, it isn't only romantic relationships that are explored in this series--we also delve into friendships, family relationships, and parental bonds.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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