Meet Britni Hill

Today, we're visiting with Britni Hill, author of From the Rubble and Tears in the Rubble. Before we start the interview, let's have a look at both books...

From the Rubble:

In the wake of a terrible betrayal, Taylor and Layla bury their feelings for the other, good and bad, just to get by day to day. Forced together because of their daughter, Taylor struggles to forgive Layla so he falls into the role of fatherhood, naturally striving to be the best father he can be.

Layla’s guilt overwhelms her as she fights herself over her feelings for Taylor. After all, she doesn’t believe she deserves another chance. She’s already had too many.

Making a family out of a broken relationship won’t be easy, but with both Taylor and Layla pushing forward, will they ever find a new normal? Will they ever confront their feelings for one another?

Tears in the Rubble:

Layla Swanson grew up in the lazy, small town of Hollow Oaks and can’t wait to get out. She has big dreams and big plans in the big city. Layla has worked hard and her senior year is nearly at its end. She can’t wait to go away to college. And she’s one step closer to getting what she wants. Layla isn’t letting anyone get in her way.

Taylor Scott may not be your typical country boy, but he doesn’t mind Hollow Oaks. His dreams may not be marked on paper and set in stone, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them.

A chance meeting between the two childhood friends may have Layla second guessing her longtime plan. Their rekindled friendship is leading them down a path neither one could have foreseen. But with Layla leaving for college, many challenges face them, especially when she so stubbornly sticks to her solo plan.

Is Taylor’s love enough to convince Layla to let him in? Or when everything falls apart, will Layla run away?

Tricia: Welcome, Britni! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Britni: I’m a hair stylist. I love movies and books. I live in Indiana. I have a serious weakness for shoes.

Tricia: When did you begin writing?

Britni: I honestly started writing stories as soon as I learned to write complete sentences. My mom used to find scraps of paper with poems or stories on them. So, I guess I feel like I’ve been writing for most of my life.

Tricia: Describe your writing process. Do you plot or write by the seat of your pants? When and where do you write?

Britni: I’m definitely a seat of my pants girl. I try to plot but it never works out. My characters usually control me. I write at home most of the time. As for when I do whenever I can.

Tricia: Can you tell us about your most recent release? 

Britni: My last release was actually the follow up to my first. It’s called From the Rubble.

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book?

Britni: A friend and I used to give each other writing assignments to get us out of a rut or to get each other working on something we wouldn’t normally work on. It was on of my assignments. It was supposed to be 1500 words. Well, it never stopped.

Tricia: If you could recommend just one of your books to my readers, which book would you choose?

Britni: Tears in the Rubble

Tricia: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Britni: Honestly, writing the blurb. It’s my nightmare.

Tricia: What is your primary goal as an author?

Britni: I just want to share my stories with people. I have whole worlds in my head and I think everyone should get a peek at them.

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

Britni: I am working on finishing a WIP called Hushed.

Tricia: What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Britni: Don’t give up. And don’t let a bad review or comment from someone get you down. There will always be someone that doesn’t like something. So, at the same time there will always be someone that loves the very same thing.

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