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A few weeks ago, I asked readers of my personal blog to tell me about their books. I received lots of wonderful responses and today I'm going to share these wonderful authors with you.

Donna Steele
Author of Red Shoes

Genre: Small town romance

Blurb: Nikki Setzer thought she knew what she wanted and transformed herself to get it. Now she’s having a do that again, to escape.

A few words from Donna: This novella came out of a flash fiction – Rebel Ink sent out a picture of a woman wearing red shoes for us to write 100 words. As soon as I wrote that, I knew what the rest of the story was, so I wrote it.

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Misha Burnett
Catskinner’s Book

Speculative Fiction

Blurb: James is a nice guy with an diabolic monster living in his head. Godiva is a nice girl who is half plant. Why is everyone trying to kill them?

A few words from Misha: I set out to write a novel using an entirely new mythos. James’ world looks like ours on the surface, but has been invaded secretly by parasitic alien intelligences that alter human beings in strange and unpredictable ways. There are no vampires or werewolves or zombies in this book, instead I have created my own paranormal ecology.

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Eve Rabi
YOU WILL PAY – for leaving me

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Blurb: To the world, Arena’s life with Tom is picture perfect. Behind close doors, he is abusive and controlling towards her and her son. With great difficulty and a lot of planning, Arena finally manages to break away from Tom. Even better, in record time, she finds a wonderful man who loves her and her children. Tom is furious and sets out to punish her in the worst possible way. And succeeds. But Arena fights back and makes him pay.

Eve's Inspiration for this story: Years ago, I helped a pretty young immigrant, who had no family in Australia other than her tyrant of a husband and a two year old. She barely spoke English and rarely left her home. Her husband, a nasty, abusive man had her arrested at 3 AM one morning on a trumped up charge.
I didn’t know her, but when my sister told me about a woman in need of help, I went out of my way to help her. With our help and support, she eventually left her husband, got her independence and found love again. Somewhere along the line, a policeman featured. Like Bear, he was a real dish, I tell you. My friend’s story was my inspiration for You Will Pay – for leaving me. Every day I get emails from my readers telling me how my book has helped them and how it has given them hope. Yesterday, a woman told me that she plans to leave her abusive relationship and is getting herself a storage unit, just like Arena in the book did. Another woman told me that she has fled an abusive marriage and now that she’s read my book, nurses hope about finding love again and feeling happy. Another reader wrote that if ever she finds herself in an abusive relationship, she will use my book as a manual to get out of it. I get really choked up when I hear stuff from my readers like this and I want to put my arms around them. I usually gift them all my books. It’s the least I can do. Maybe it has something to do with my childhood. My father was handsome, educated, came from a wealthy family and charismatic. He was also a tyrant who physically and verbally abused my mother. She had seven children, no formal education, no working skills, so she put up with his abuse. He beat the crap out of her for trivial things, like if his tea wasn’t hot enough or if his food wasn’t cooked right. As for us kids – when he turned his piercing green eyes to look at us, we knew we had to run or he’d beat us till he was spent. We were terrified of him and when he walked through the door, the entire family walked on eggshells.
I despised him and spent my childhood planning his death, seriously. (I was pretty young, so the best I could come up with was to push him down the stairs of our double-storey house.) But I vowed to be different from my mother – I educated myself and became independent so that I would break the cycle of abuse. I dare a man to put his hands on me now. (I’d probably kill him in his fucking sleep. Ha ha!) In spite of all that my father did to us, I loved him. As I grew older, and while studying psychology, I realized that he was fighting his demons from his own childhood. (I no longer wanted to push him down the stairs.) And that is some of my ABC, my ramble. I will stop there.

YOU WILL PAY – for leaving me, is free on and will remain free forever. It’s my way of giving back to the universe. (Such an Oprah things to say.)


If anyone has difficulty getting a copy for free, please email and I will arrange a free copy for them.

Stephanie Stamm
A Gift of Wings

YA/NA urban fantasy/paranormal

Blurb: When almost-eighteen-year-old Lucky Monroe accompanies her cousin to hear a popular Chicago band—and sees fiery wings extending from the back of the handsome lead singer—her life is forever changed. Suddenly, she finds herself enmeshed in a world of Fallen angels, demons, and ancient deities—a world that promises knowledge of her newfound powers, as well as a budding romance, but also threatens all she holds dear. For Lucky’s powers make her and her family potential pawns in the dangerous game of angelic politics.While eluding a supernatural stalker and surviving an attack by sword-bearing rogue angels, Lucky must figure out who and what she is willing to be, in order to save someone she loves.”

A few words from Stephanie: I wanted to write an urban fantasy about angels that looked at the conflict between “Light” and “Dark” less in terms of Good and Evil and more in terms of politics. I also wanted to use ancient mythologies and beliefs to shape my angel characters. I’m fascinated by ancient myths and by how traditions are formed, so I took some of the roots of central elements in the Judeo-Christian mythological tradition, as well as some other ancient belief systems, and built on those, reshaping the characters and their stories to fit into a contemporary urban-fantasy world. I love mythology, and I read a lot of YA fantasy. I wrote the kind of book I wanted to read.


Gerry McCullough
Angel in Belfast: The Second Angel Murphy Thriller.

Thriller / Romance

Blurb: Angel Murphy is back, in true kick boxing form!

Alone in his cottage near a remote Irish village, Fitz, lead singer of the popular band Raving, hears the cries of the paparazzi outside and likens them in his own mind to wolves in a feeding frenzy. Next morning Fitz is found unconscious, seeming unlikely to survive, and is rushed to hospital. Has he been driven to OD? Or is someone else behind it?

His friends call in Angeline Murphy, ‘Angel to her friends, devil to her enemies,’ to find out the truth. But it takes all Angel’s courage and skills to survive the many dangers she faces and to discover the real villain and deal with him.

A few words from Gerry: Why I wanted to write this book: My first Angel Murphy book, Angel in Flight, has already been out for a while and has been reasonably successful. My plan is to write a series about the ‘feisty young Belfast Girl.’ I love books like the Saint series and the Modesty Blaise series, and films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, etc, so I’ve had it in mind for a long time to attempt something like this myself. The first Angel book was set mainly on the Greek island of Crete. This time I wanted to bring Angel home and write about her adventures in Belfast, her home town (and mine). I also thought having Belfast in the title might build on the huge success of my first book, Belfast Girls!

Juliet B Madison.
Heir to Misfortune (A DI Frank Lyle Mystery)
Genre: crime/police procedural

Blurb: DI Frank Lyle is faced with murder, blackmail and corruption in Ashbeck Society. Can he get to the bottom of it?

A few words from Juliet: I was inspired to write this as part of my DI Frank Lyle series. It’s the second book and my current WIP although nearing completion.

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John Holt
The Thackery Journal
Historical Fiction

Blurb: Just suppose that The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln had actually been planned by his own generals, and suppose it had been financed with gold stolen by the Confederate Army.
A few words from John: I have always been fascinated by the American Civil War – the worst kind of war this would have been amongst the first conflicts to be so well recorded in photographs.

Tara Benwell @tarabenwell
The Proper Order of Things ~ Available on Amazon or iTunes

Literary Fiction ~ Coming of Age

Blurb: Unsure why she is the only child (of 9) who gets to choose between moving with her dad to an apartment in the city and staying with her mother in her remote hometown, Caroline receives an answer that she will contemplate throughout her adolescent years: “You are the lucky one.” With parents whose secret past haunts every limb of the family tree, and siblings who range from rats to copycats, Caroline is sure to face a difficult journey no matter which household she chooses. What happens to a family when the children are left guessing instead of being told the truth?

A few words from Tara: This book was inspired by the true-life Connecticut circus fire of 1944. I was reading about this horrific event in the library one day, and I started thinking about the children who survived the ordeal. Some would be orphaned. What would their futures look like? How would a childhood trauma like this affect how the survivors raised their own children?

What readers are saying:

Erin Farwell
Mystery (Historical)

Blurb: Cabel Evans survived the Great War but came home broken in heart and spirit. Although he successfully hides his damaged soul for five years, his father finally succeeds in pushing him over the edge, with devastating results. No in exile at the family’s summer home in St. Joseph, Michigan, he waits to find the courage to die or something to live for. When a fellow veteran comes to call, asking for help to solve his daughter’s murder, Cabel uses it as an opportunity to repay a debt of honor, what he doesn’t expect to find is a measure of redemption. Soon he is on the trial of a killer and a path that forces him to confront his past while contemplating a future. Just as he realizes he wants to live, someone else wants him dead.

A few words from Erin: The places of my book were my initial inspiration. There are three primary locations within its pages, St. Joseph, Michigan and the Silver Beach Amusement Park that had existed along the shoreline of Lake Michigan in St. Joe. I grew up in St. Joe and had visited Silver Beach as a young child. My father’s stories of his own adventures there always fascinated me as a girl and I wanted to learn more. I also lived in Chicago for many years and enjoyed noticing the differences of living on each side of the lake. As I researched the places, Cabel Evans came forward to take his place as my protagonist and the story flowed from there.

Link to my website:

Bette A. Stevens
Genre: Middle-grade/YA/Adult General fiction/ 1950s Adventure

Blurb: The year is 1955. If you grew up in the 1950s and the 1960s, you may be among those who like to recall those good old “Happy Days” of television fame. Even younger generations enjoy watching the old TV reruns to get a peek into what life was like back then.
Nine-year-old Shawn Daniels is ready to embark on a Saturday adventure with his younger brother Willie. They’re off to search for trash to turn into treasure. It’s going to be a great day. Shawn is sure of it. No school and no bullies to remind him that he’s not one of the crowd.
PURE TRASH is a story about bullies and what it’s like to be bullied. It may redefine your concept of bullying. If you were a child who was thought of as “different” in some way, you know what bullying is about: torment, persecution, intimidation, to name a few of its descriptors. For Shawn and Willie, their difference was based upon the social status of the dysfunctional family and the alcoholism and abject poverty in which they grew up.

A few words from Bette: What inspired you to write this particular book? Stories of family and friends who faced seemingly insurmountable odds because they were abused, neglected or bullied; yet they didn’t cry and grumble, they made the best of every opportunity they had… PURE TRASH, The Story was self-published using CreateSpace on August 12, 2013. It is a short story (@ 5,000 words) available in paperback and kindle versions

Author Susan Hornbach’s 5-STAR blog post review

Paula Hrbacek
WIP to be published soon: On Higher Ground

Sweet Inspirational Romance

Blurb: Melanie Worlds lost her job when the mall went out of business. Time after time, she’s been turned down because she’s not qualified, or they just aren’t hiring right now. She longs to move back up to “The Hill” where she used to live. It seems like every door she knocks on is locked tight. Everything is against her, or is it?

Anthony and Stuart, two guardian angels in Heaven, have been assigned to her case. They can’t answer her prayer for a job at a factory because God’s will is to lift her up to something better than that. If they can get her to see that she’s not just that skinny, toothpick misfit that nobody liked in high school, they might be able to pull God’s plan off. A chance meeting here, a stroke of luck there, a sign on a bulletin board… the angels try to inspire her to keep going until she meets the right opportunity.

Melanie’s high school crush, Brad Hunter, is back in town, looking for an opening act for the record studio he works for. But to find success, true love and the Best New Recording Artist of the Year, the angels must convince him to stop doing what the popular crowd does and follow his own path. Peer pressure has always been the biggest influence on his life. Will they be able to show him a better way?

Anthony and Stuart are also assigned to her friend, JT, who is being tempted to join a gang. They have to convince him to join the Army instead. But how can they work in the life of a sinner who’s never been to church and doesn’t pray? Will they be able to break through that hot temper and closed mind to offer him a better life as well?

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Guinevere & Libertad Tomas
The Mark of Noba
YA Heroic/High Fantasy

Blurb: Between nursing his mentally ill mother, living in his friend's shadow and never finding the courage to ask out his long time crush, Waverly; 17 year old Sterling Wayfairer has never had what you call a normal Geotic teenage life.

But this year in his final year of high school, he declares a change. He wants to be the guy that everyone remembers, if he only knew how right he would be......

When an outbreak of disappearances of fellow classmates shake the entire student body, all Sterling can think about is his mysterious classmate,Tetra, whom no one can remember even attends their high school.........This is everyone except him.

Through unusual circumstances Sterling learns that he and Tetra were born to a world called Noba, a place that harbors inhabitants with profound talents. He learns he harbors a unique ability, Time Riding: a skill enabling him to manipulate space and time and in result travel to other worlds. From Tetra, he discovers he and Tetra share relationship that bonds them through spirit, body, mind and soul. But like any bond, it will take a true connection to strengthen and enhance the abilities once lost to them.

Tetra has the answers to the sudden disappearances. It is the same threat that forced them from their home land.With Sterling's help, she can develop the abilities that were once lost to her and eliminate the evil that "rode" with them here. Will Sterling accept this bond and help Tetra in time before the threat takes another victim?

Words from the authors: The few things that inspired us to write this book was the lack of multiculturalism and diversity in YA and fantasy themed books. Also the book features a lot of diverse characters without any race issues. As minorities who are big lovers of YA and fantasy themed books, it's always important for us to write characters that anyone can identify with without being stererotypical.

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