Book Feature: All Shades of Passion

Calling all erotic romance lovers!!! All Shades of Passion (Sexy Erotic Romance Stories) Volume 1 is available on Kindle FREE this weekend. Featuring a variety of talented authors, this book is sure to spice up your weekend.

Full of imagination erotica stories crafted by professional adult writers. Different stories, different writing styles - something for everyone. From hot, SEXY, and naughty full of explicit scenes stories, to pieces of written art. More books in the "All Shades of Passion" series are coming. Enjoy!

Approximate length: 15,000 words.

Content warning: contains skillfully drawn in words, naughtily detailed, sexy as your best dreams, explicit sexual acts intended for adults only (18+)!

Stories include:

Rendered Senseless by Rachel Ali:

When Sal went to her usual yoga class, she thought it would be just like any other day. She definitely was not anticipating any surprises. But an old flame catches her eye and she can’t escape the animal magnetism emanating from his muscular body. Her excitement lands her in the restroom, where she gets a workout she wasn’t expecting.

A Party to Remember by Topsy Columbine:

Lori and Gina are best friends although very different: Gina is the quiet, sensible one, while Lori is always off on some new crazy adventure. Gina always refrains from joining in with her exploits; that is, until they find themselves together at a mysterious country-house party. Little do they know it is to be a party that neither will forget...

The Full Hollywood by Vilhemina Bruiss:

“Instead of kissing her on her offered lips, he pushed his thumb into her mouth and grabbing her by the jaw, he pulled her down to her knees.”

Clarine thought she had struck gold when she married the powerful Stonely when she was barely legal. A young nubile girl is awakened to her sexuality by an experienced millionaire to become, over the years, a grown woman of great beauty and in time acquires the strength of character she needs to break free. In this torrid erotic story, Vilhemina Bruiss delves into the nature of one of life's greatest unknowns. In a couple where the balance of power is uneven, will Clarine spread her wings and rise from the ashes of her disenchantment? The Full Hollywood is a new kind of erotica, it is erotic art.

Captured Echoes by Layla DeLaney:

When two wildlife photographers agree to meet in Brazil in the beautiful Amazon Rainforest, they have no reason to think that photography isn’t all that they will share in the tropical oasis. As they begin their journey through the forest, there is more than just heat from the equator rising. With just the two of them trekking through the forest in the sultry climate, they find they are wildly attracted to one another. Underneath the cascading waterfalls, their wild lust fires a volcano that the water only manages to intensify. Together, they explore more than just the wildlife.

Car Games by Sophie Stevens:

Jack Sawyer and Haley Dawson are driving up to their friend’s cabin for their five-year reunion, when they get stuck in an unmoving line of traffic. Bored out of their minds, they decide to play a game to keep themselves entertained. But a round of ‘Truth or Dare’ quickly devolves into something more primal, and they discover just how much they enjoy the possibility of something more.

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