Book Feature: Dragons and Dreams

Dragons and Dreams: A Fantasy Anthology
by WPaD Productions
Published Aug 2013
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Magic, myth and alien worlds all come together in this collection of short stories from Writers, Poets and Deviants.

~ A young witch and her talking dog must rid their home of unwelcome guests.
~ A pair of newsmen travel to Alaska to hear an astonishing tale of an encounter with an extinct creature.
~ A boy searches for the Edge of the World, uncovering the mystery of his grandfather's disappearance in the process.
~ A troll hunter makes a startling discovery about his prey.
~ Dragons on an alien planet find friendship in an old man, but not all humans share his sentiments when it comes to the giant winged reptiles.
~ A lonely shapeshifter is the sole survivor of an Aztec king's attempt at genocide of her race.
~ A pair of inter-dimensional explorers discover yet another new world and must face a horrifying beast.

Enjoy these stories and many more, in this exciting fantasy collection from the versatile and imaginative authors of WPaD.

This is a charity anthology. A percentage of royalties will be donated to MS research in support of members of our group who live with Multiple Sclerosis.

This ebook is DRM-free - can be read on non-Kindle devices.

The Authors of Dragons and Dreams:

Daniel E. Tanzo
Diana Garcia
David W. Stone
Marla Todd
Mandy White
J. Harrison Kemp
A.K. Wallace
Robert Betz
Michael Haberfelner
David Hunter
Jade M. Phillips
S.E. Springle
Anand Matthew

We are Writers, Poets and Deviants!

My Review: This wonderful collection of poems and stories was a pleasure to read. Within the pages, we meet witches, talking animals, shapeshifters, troll-hunters, beasts, and of course, dragons. If you're looking for well-drawn characters, fantastic world-building, engaging short stories, and breath-taking poetry, this is the perfect book for you.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars