Book Review: The Feeder

The Feeder
by Mandy White
Published March 2013 by WPaD Productions
Available on Amazon


The Feeder gives brutality a new meaning…

Victims horribly mutilated, with parts missing and inserted in their mouths…

An aspiring actress-turned-prostitute falls victim to the killer, leaving behind a grieving twin obsessed with revenge.

Warning: Graphic violence and scenes of mutilation. Some readers may find the content of this book offensive. Read at your own discretion.

My Review: When Sammie receives a frantic call from twin sister, Cammie, there's no choice but to fly to LA to try to save her. The journey takes Sammie places unexpected and just when you think you've figured out who Cammie's killer is, guess again. Graphic, violent, gory, and incredible, The Feeder explores the mind of a serial killer. The story is unpredictable and disturbing in many ways.

Out of all the book reviews I've written, I'm finding this book the most difficult to review. I keep finding myself erasing entire sentences because I don't want to spoil the story. I can say the author is masterful at getting into the psyche of characters most writers shy away from. Through first person POV and journals written by a victim, we experience the hopes and shattered dreams of an actress-turned-prostitute, the pain of addiction, the seedy side of Hollywood, the twisted thoughts of a sociopathic killer, and the rationalization of a reluctant serial killer. In many places, the story is dark as we travel through the unbelly of a major city and meet the bottom feeders of society. Murder isn't the only way to destroy a life, as we discover in this novel.

Pure heart-wrenching horror kept me turning the pages even though I was often repelled by the sick deeds of a twisted killer. Sammie's kick-ass courage in the face of sheer terror kept me enthralled. If you're a horror lover looking for a thrilling read, this is the book for you.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars