Featured Book: Deadly Election

Deadly Election by Arthur Crandon

Published: October 2012 (Createspace)
Genre: Thriller 
Pages: 286 pages
ISBN-10: 147923625X
Format: Kindle | Paperback

The murder of three innocent villagers is the prelude to a tale of intrigue, deceit, greed and more murders as Senator Consuelo, an aging but ambitious politician desperately pursues his bid for the Presidency - at any cost. He reckoned without Paul, a retired military man, who engineers his downfall.

After an unsuccessful murder attempt Paul is resolved to bring the evil man to justice. With the help of friends in high places he manages to do so, but only just in time.

As the Senator languishes in his jail cell, others have difficult decisions to make. The Senators fate is sealed, but there may be other ways for his family and associates. The Senators plans for escape are brought to an abrupt and final halt.

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Praise for Deadly Election 

“Written by Arthur Crandon about the political environment in the Philippines, "Deadly Election" is a "can't put it down" read. It captures your interest immediately, somewhat surprisingly with a story about World War II as the Japanese are losing control of the Philippines. The book then brings you back to the modern day Philippines and follows the last few days in the Presidential elections.” - Kenneth J. Kerr

“The bad energy and shambles Spain left in all its colonies is well-captured in this book--sad really, but I was compelled to discover the outcome of this election. In all, very entertaining, vivid cast of characters in quite a cinematic novel.” - simonsays

“The plot twists and turns, with betrayal, infidelity and murder liberally sprinkled around as the old soldier, Paul, doggedly pursues the Senator. It was difficult to put down. I look forward to Mr. Crandon’s next book in the series.” - Bramley

“[An] interesting and intriguing read, a complex thriller that traverses several genres en route to its satisfying denouement. It is variously a novel of corruption and intrigue in at the highest level of Philippine politics; a caper novel; a discovered treasure thriller; and a study of the banality of evil, and the inevitable (we hope!) consequences thereof.” - Dan

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About Arthur:

Arthur Crandon is a lawyer, blogger, reviewer and published author. Raised in rural Somerset UK he left the rolling hills and cider for the warmer climates of Asia. Arthur lived and worked in the Philippine Islands (particularly Luzon and Mindanao) for a number of years before settling in Hong Kong.

Before settling in Hong Kong, his experiences of political life and the realities of doing business and living in the Philippines became all too apparent. These experiences are vividly portrayed during the course of 'Deadly Election' and provide the reader with an accurate insight of what to expect if ever they choose to visit the archipelago.

His first book, Deadly Election, draws on his strange imagination and his experiences, together with those of others, in a land that, beneath a veneer of civilization, operates like the Wild West and is very dangerous to innocent and gullible foreigners.