Interview with Andrea Downing

Today, I'm happy to introduce Andrea Downing, author of Lawless Love. She's here to talk to us about her latest novel and she's also sharing an excerpt! Before we get started with the interview, let's have a look at the blurb for Lawless Love...

Lacey Everhart has carved out a tough existence in the wilds of 1880s Wyoming, working hard to build a secure life for herself and her younger brother, Luke. She will stop at nothing to protect what’s hers and keep them safe. Even if it means keeping a secret that could destroy their lives.

Marshal Dylan J. Kane is a man who considers everything as black and white, right or wrong. He's never seen life any other way until he sets eyes on Lacey. Suddenly the straight and narrow that he's followed has a few twists and turns. Loving Lacey offers the home life for which he hankers...but can he really love a woman who seems to be plain lawless?  

Tricia: Tell us a little about yourself.

Andrea: I was born in New York, went to college in Mass. and, for some reason lost in the sands of time, decided to do my M.A. in the UK. Of course, I ended up marrying there and staying—until 2008. We’d been having all our family vacations out west, which was satisfying my love of horses, cowboys, and just about anything to do with the west. I continue to travel there as much as possible. Loveland was my first novel, out in 2012, and was a finalist for Best American Historical at the RONE Awards. Lawless Love is a short story coming out Sept. 4th, both from The Wild Rose Press.

Tricia: When did you begin writing? 

Andrea: Probably around age 9! In school and college I took every creative writing course available—and then some. Then in England I made friends with a bunch of writers and poets and ended up co-editing a poetry magazine. I wrote a couple of novels which promptly went into the circular file; I’m basically very shy so couldn’t show my work to anyone. But I’ve finally come to the conclusion I have nothing to lose!

Tricia: Both your novels are based in the American West in the late 1800s. What is it about this time period that appeals to you? 

Andrea: It’s just so fascinating to me. America had come out of the Civil War and there were all these men returning to homes that had been devastated, while in Texas there were all these cattle roaming about that hadn’t been tended to for years. At the same time, the transcontinental railway was being completed and the government was encouraging people to go west and settle. You might say it was a perfect storm of expansionism—and it gives a writer plenty to work with. Plus, the characters one can deal with are so various. There must be dozens of stories of why people settled out west.

Tricia: How much research goes into your novels? Do you enjoy this aspect of writing? 

Andrea: I enjoy the travel aspect of doing research, when I have to see things in person for a book. And I’ve enjoyed the reading of memoirs but then I’ve also felt that some of the reading has been boring and I’d rather be sitting down with a good novel—that doesn’t often happen, but it does occasionally. But going to see where I’m going to set a book is a wonderful experience; you can describe it so much better than if you just imagine it or do something like google for photos. You get a real feel for a place, a setting.

Tricia: Can you tell us about Lawless Love

Andrea: Lawless Love is the story of Marshal Dylan J. Kane who sees everything in terms of black and white, right or wrong—but at the same time, he’s a man not without faults of his own. He also has a hankering for a home life and falls for a woman, Lacey Everhart, who shows him the straight and narrow can have a few twists and turns, and what’s right isn’t always as clear cut as it seems.

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book? 

Andrea: The Wild Rose Press started a new series, ‘Lawmen and Outlaws’—right up my alley, you might say! Shortly after, my daughter and I were staying at the Cottonwood Ranch in Wells, NV—a working cattle ranch—where we were befriended by one of the young cowboys, Dylan J. Kane. By the end of the week, he had convinced me that his name would be perfect for one of my characters. The story just sort of slowly crept into my head after that.

Tricia: Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why? 

Andrea: Lacey Everhart. She’s overcome a lot of hardship any way she could to make a life for herself and her younger brother. She’s gutsy, strong-willed and knows exactly what she wants. Plus, of course, she’s willing to risk her own life to save the people she loves.

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on? 

Andrea: I’m working on a few things at the moment. I’m just tidying up a contemporary women’s fiction piece and starting another western historical romance novella inspired by The Wild Rose Press ‘Love Letters’ series. I’m also playing around with literary fiction—sounds rather pompous that, but I guess that’s what it is—or maybe it will be called ‘Time Travel.’ Who knows?

Tricia: What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors? 

Andrea: Don’t sit for long periods without exercise and don’t snack! ;-)

Thank you so very much for having me here today, Tricia. I greatly appreciate it!

Tricia: Thanks for stopping by today! For those readers who'd like to learn more about Andrea Downing and her books, please visit the following links:

Andrea Downing:
Twitter: @andidowning



 Lawless Love Excerpt

Lacey thought of fluttering her eyelashes, but it was such a silly thing to do. How could women act like that? She just looked up at the marshal and waited, the possibilities turning over in her mind, flitting through her head but never settling.

“You wanna tell me what really happened now so we can try to sort this matter? All I can do is promise I’ll do everything in my power to sort it for you, but I cain’t help you less’n you tell the truth. You tell me lies and make me look a dang fool, there’s nothin’ I can do. You understand that?”

Along with the tiniest nod, she clasped her hands together. She looked up at Dylan Kane and saw kindness in that face, a face she could so easily have loved had things been different. She could sense the heat radiating from his body and knew if she touched his chest, a strength would exist where his heart beat. If she ran her hand down his arms, she would find that same strength in his muscle. How she wanted those arms around her! All her life, it seemed, she had looked after herself, cared for her brother, struggled to make a home for the two of them. What would it have been like if Morgan had not...

“Lacey?” Dylan’s soft voice brought her back from her reveries. “You ready to tell the truth?” With one gentle finger, he lifted her chin so their gazes met for a moment before they each stepped back from the brink of something neither could control. “Lacey?” he repeated.

“Yes, I’m ready.”


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  3. Sounds interesting Andrea! I have friends too that like cowboy stories so I'll let them know about Loveland! Good luck with it.

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