Interview with Eve Rabi

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce Eve Rabi, author of multiple books. She's here to talk to us about her novel, My Brother, My Rival...

Cody Garrett, a former Navy SEAL, has never met a skirt he didn’t fancy. His six-pack, rugged looks and bad boy image ensures a steady stream of hot babes waiting to slip him their phone numbers wherever he goes. So, he is confused when Bridie Barker refuses to go on a date with him. It’s not like she’s a stunning beauty or something. According to him, her ears are big, she’s well-rounded and she’s not even a D-cup. 

In spite of her shortcomings, the more she pushes him away, the more he finds himself thinking of her.

Twenty-year-old Bridie Barker has control issues. Every detail in her life is planned. Her closet is color-coded and she has an array of storage containers, to ensure that everything is in its correct place. 

Her whole world is black and white, and grey areas are a no-no.

When she meets the warm and grounded Scott Garrett, she thinks she has found her soul mate. Unfortunately, and to her disappointment, things don’t pan out with Scott. While waiting tables, she has a disastrous run-in with his brother, Wild Boy Cody Garrett, King of Body Shots, who parties every night with a different girl. Even though he’s good to look at and makes her laugh, she turns down his advances as he’s clearly the tag-and-release kind of guy. Besides, she is pretty sure he owns not a single storage container, and she’s certain that his closet is not color-coded. Problem is, Cody Garrett finds her rejection an aphrodisiac and pursues her. 

Tricia: Welcome, Eve! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Eve: You all know me as the person who taught JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer how to write. Kidding! Kidding! My name is Eve Rabi and I live in Australia, but I was born in South Africa many moons ago. (I’m talking many, many moons.) I am the author of 20 books and am known for my kick-ass leading ladies, alpha males and interracial love stories. I also like sparkling white wine in a long-stemmed crystal glass, glorious sunsets and Swiss chocolate. (Must be a long-stemmed glass.) I dislike editing any of my writing works and I loathe housework. I’m currently single and seeking a man who can cook, clean, wash, polish and always volunteers to be the designated driver. Whaaaat? Like I’m asking a lot.

Tricia: When did you begin writing?

Eve: I started writing in 2005, part-time and whenever I could. I was juggling kids, a business and my writing. I would wake up at 3 AM just so I could get some writing done before the day siphoned away my time. But after each manuscript I eventually completed, I shelved it and started a new story. Why? I have no idea. 

Then in 2011, I learned about Nervously, I uploaded Gringa onto Really, I didn’t expect anyone to buy my book. I just wanted to be able to tell my daughters that I had written a book. A book with no pictures. But when I saw that I had sold 116 books in three days and had three good reviews, I was blown away. Motivated enough to bring out the manuscripts I had stashed away in my underwear drawer. Kidding, they were not in my underwear drawer, they were in husband’s underwear drawer. In 2012, I published Captured - My Sworn Enemy, My Secret Lover, and The Cheat - A Tale of Lies and Infidelity.

At that time, I found it really hard to write due to time constraints. By then I was a single mother and was still running a real-estate business. To make matters worse, I fell and broke my wrist, while mopping the bathroom floor. (Housework can kill you. Seriously.) I handed my real estate business to my sister who I was in partnership with, and focused on my writing. Struggled with it due to the broken wrist, but I persevered. I shut everyone and everything away and just wrote. 

By September 2013, I had published:
Gringa, books 1, 2, 3, 4
Captured, books 1, 2
The Cheat, books 1, 2
Burn’s World, books 1, 2, 3, 4
Deception, books 1, 2
You Will Pay
Obsessed With Me, books 1, 2
My Brother, My Rival books 1, 2.

A total of 20 books. No easy task. I felt burnt out at times, but I couldn’t stop writing. I’m addicted to writing. It’s my crack cocaine! And it’s a lot cheaper. Not that I’ve tried crack. Okay, well, there was this one time …

Kidding! Kidding!

Tricia: Can you tell us about your most recent release?

Eve: My most recent release is My Brother, My Rival. As the title says, it’s about two brothers desiring the same girl. Both brothers are US soldiers and the story also touches on PTSD. But it’s a modern-day, drama-filled love story, with a lot of bite. (Even though there are no vampires in it.)

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book?

Eve: It’s more a love story than anything else, so don’t get worried about it being too much about war and stuff. I started writing this story on 24 December 2009. I remember the day as I had so much to do for Christmas, but I wasn’t able to do anything, until I wrote a brief draft of My Brother, My Rival.

But, it was too controversial, even for even me. So, I stowed it away in the attic of my typewriter. (Yes, my typewriter has an attic. It even has a basement. Seriously.) Anyho, in 2013, I took it apart, toned it down a bit, (toned it down a lot, actually) and published it. I had no desire to go the usual route of publishers with any of my books. I just wanted to publish my stories the way I wanted the world to read them. So far it’s working for me.

Tricia: If you could recommend just one of your books to my readers, which book would you choose?

Eve: My Brother, My Rival comes to mind, however, Gringa – A Modern-day Love Story is also a book I would recommend. Why? Because it’s really funny. It’s also me unleashed. Spent a year on it and each time I re-wrote, I cried, so it’s really a poignant love story more than anything else. 

Tricia: Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

Eve: Payton from Gringa is my favorite character. Why? Because, she takes crap from no one, has no filter, is smart enough, pretty enough, wise enough, vulnerable enough and most of all, she has heart.

Tricia: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Eve: Cleaning my bloody house. It just gets in the friggin’ way of my writing. I only clean up so that Child Welfare doesn’t visit and take away my kids. Although sometimes, when my daughters get mouthy with me, I think about calling Child Welfare myself and having their insolent butts shipped off somewhere, so I can write in peace. Sometimes, I even think of how nice it would be in I were in prison. I would sit in my cell, on the floor or on my top bunk (I would ensure it’s the top bunk in case my cell mates have bladder issues) and write and write and write. (Minimum security prison though, I must add. I don’t fancy being a lesbian anytime soon.) No housework, no friends dropping by unexpectedly, no need to run errands, no kids to nag you to take them to school every day… Bliss, I tell you.

Okay, so I may have to write on the walls or on toilet paper (unused, of course; let me get that out of the way), but hey, when I get out of prison, I would have all the toilet paper I can eat and about twenty novels ready to publish. One of the novels would probably be Shawshank Redemptionish, but from a chick’s perspective. Morgan Freeman would be replaced by Oprah, and Susan Sarandon’s toy boy (Robbins) would be replaced by Gwyneth. Or Miley, if she takes her meds and keeps her clothes on. And that prison dude, the mean one, would be played by Nene or Kenya Moore from Housewives of Atlanta. Of course, the Rita Hayworth poster will have to be replaced with a picture of Jason Momoa. Or one of the Hemsworth brothers. Or Denzel Washington if he washes out all the grey in his hair. (Denzel should speak to Oprah’s hairdresser. He’s really good. Ever seen Oprah with a strand of grey? Exaaaactly!)

Tricia: What is your primary goal as an author?

Eve: To write such a great book, I get to be on the Oprah show and I bag myself a free car. Or a vacuum cleaner, liposuction; I don’t care; I just want something free from Oprah. (I want to be billionaire so friggin’ bad.) Seriously, I want to write love stories with humor, ’cause I’m a hopeless romantic. To entertain my readers as well. Unleash myself without worrying about what’s politically correct. Most times that means having the courage to lose your filters. I’m happy to do that. Although, I may have to investigate the Witness Protection Program. Don’t worry, before I join the program, I plan to max out all my credit cards. (Wink.)

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

Eve: For the first time in two years, I am marketing myself. So I’m not actively writing. However, I’m working, now and then on spin offs to YOU WILL PAY – for Leaving Me. This is a free book on and it is a story about revenge. The stories I am working on are about …revenge and more revenge. I’m also blogging regularly and it’s heaps of fun. When I feel like it, which is not very often, I rearrange and redecorate my home.

Tricia: What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Eve: Write the books you like to read. Write for yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Except your beta readers. They are the only people I really listen to. Even though I don’t take all their advice. Join a writing group or form one yourself. They have helped me more than the writing courses I have done. I am really thrilled to have an amazing team of beta readers who have been with me for the last year and who provide constructive criticism. Some of them have become friends of mine, even though I haven’t met them. They rock, seriously. 

I’ve also befriended some lovely authors from all over the world with generous spirits. People of integrity who help each other out without hesitation. I consider that a blessing, since I am generous by nature. My motto is Always be Giving.

Tricia: That is wonderful advice, Eve! Thank you so much for coming here today to speak with us.

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