A Mother's Worst Nightmare: Meet the Authors

Today's guests are Sharnel Williams and Nicole Martin, the co-authors of A Mother's Worst Nightmare...

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare was written by two strong and courageous women, Nicole and Sharnel. We decided to share with the world our journey of caring for a child with an illness that ultimately led to their death.

We introduce:
Shakil Williams, whom was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 11
Nyasia Martin, whom was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 6

This collection is presented by two authors living in different States whom was bought together by God to inspire and share their love, loss and coping skills with other parents/caregivers whom experienced similar heartache and loss. If you are reading this, it’s not by accident. Please support us and our hopes to help someone that may be dealing with similar issues…

Read Our Stories, Share Our Angels…

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

Sharnel: My name is Sharnel Williams, born in Newark, NJ. I’m a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Author.

Nicole: I am a published author living in Baltimore Maryland. I have dreamed of becoming a author since the age of 12. I love to write urban fiction. I gave birth to two daughters and loss one of them at the age of 12 to epilepsy.

Q: Can you tell me about A Mother’s Worst Nightmare?

Sharnel: It’s about two moms, losing their child to a illness. For myself I wanted to let, all the grieving mothers/parents, that they are not alone. And there is life after a death in the family.

Nicole: A Mother’s Worst Nightmare is my first non fiction project with Sharnel Williams. It’s broken into two separate stories. Mines tell about me losing my daughter back in June 2010 to epilepsy. I give very personal details of my journey, feelings/emotions and overall how it was raising my daughter and losing her.

Q: How did you decide to collaborate on this book?

Sharnel: I wanted to get a couple of authors together. I was looking for the ones that had lost a child. So, we can write a inspirational book. I had a story to tell and hope that it will help others.

Nicole: Sharnel approached me about doing this collaboration and I gladly accepted.

Q: Have you done any writing in the past?

Sharnel: I have another book out called, “What Do A Mother Do? The Shakil Williams Story”

Nicole: Yes, I have two full novels out and I am apart of another anthology with three other authors that was published under Star City Publications.

Q: Have you received any feedback from other parents who have lost children or who have children who are ill?

Sharnel: Yes! I really feel proud of me and Nicole.

Nicole: Yes, I have been getting feedback left and right from other parents after reading MWN and they have all been great expressions and thank you’s for sharing our stories.

Q: What has been the most positive aspect of writing this book?

Sharnel: First of all getting a grieving mother, who was willing to do this? Hearing, all the positive feedback.

Nicole: It was truly therapy for me. Writing it, I went through so many emotions because basically, I relived those moments. Sharnel was wonderful helping me stay strong through it and encouraging not to give up.

Q: Are you working on any more writing projects, either individually or together?

Sharnel: Yes! I’m in the middle of putting my first book back out. Plus, working on a new book myself.

Nicole: Yes I am currently working on several projects; two writing projects and also launching my own blog talk along with opening an online web store.

Q: What have you done so far to promote the book?

Sharnel: Social Media, and online blogtalkradio shows

Nicole: The book has been out for about a month now and we have gotten it into several bookstores, we promote daily via social networks, we are also working on a mailing campaign and email campaign.

A Mother's Worst Nightmare can be purchased on Amazon.

To learn more about these inspirational authors, please visit the following links:

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