Harder Than the Rest: Book Review

Harder Than the Rest
(The MacLarens of Fire Mountain Series)
Author: Shirleen Davies
Published October 2013
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“They are men you want on your side. Hard, confident, and loyal, the MacLarens of Fire Mountain will seize your attention from the first page.”

Will MacLaren is a hardened, plain-speaking bounty hunter. His life centers on finding men guilty of horrendous crimes and making sure justice is done. There is no place in his world for the carefree attitude he carried years before when a tragic event destroyed his dreams.

Amanda is the daughter of a successful Colorado rancher. Determined and proud, she works hard to prove she is as capable as any man and worthy to be her father’s heir. When a stranger arrives, her independent nature collides with the strong pull toward the handsome ranch hand. But is he what he seems and could his secrets endanger her as well as her family?

The last thing Will needs is to feel passion for another woman. But Amanda elicits feelings he thought were long buried. Can Will’s desire for her change him? Or will the vengeance he seeks against the one man he wants to destroy—a dangerous opponent without a conscious—continue to control his life?

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Review: Will MacLaren's world falls apart when his wife and unborn child are murdered. For five years, he dedicates his existence to hunting down those responsible. At last, he has tracked down the final person involved in his wife's murder and he finds himself on a Colorado ranch. For the first time in five years, his mind is consumed with something besides revenge. He's consumed with passion for Amanda, the rancher's daughter.

This is a story of love, tragedy, revenge, and family ties. The MacLaren brothers rally to help Will and for those who have read the previous books in the series, it's a real treat to see some of our favorite characters in action. As always, the author has created more than a romance story. There's a mystery centered in the heart of the story and while Will struggles to quench his thirst for revenge, he also struggles to help save Amanda's ranch. Of all the MacLaren stories, this one is probably the least romantic. Though there is a definite connection between Will and Amanda, I found this book takes a closer look at the family ties that bind the MacLarens together. An incident that occurs toward the end of the book sets up the next story in the series and is sure to be the best story yet. Over the past three books, I've enjoyed the way the series has evolved and I can't wait to see what the author has in store for us next.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars