Heir to Misfortune: Book Review

Heir to Misfortune
A D.I. Frank Lyle Mystery (Book Two)
Author: Juliet B Madison
Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK

DI Frank Lyle is about to be tested almost beyond his limits.

Winter 1990. The discovery of a vagrant’s corpse is nothing unusual. But a routine enquiry at Ashbeck Council opens the door to a case of murder, blackmail and indecency amongst the pillars of Ashbeck society.

Why was Alex Carnegie – heir to a corporate fortune – living rough on the streets of Ashbeck? Lyle and his team soon discover that Carnegie was the keeper of a dark secret which, if exposed, could topple pillars of Ashbeck society.

The suspect’s identity is clear early on but there is no definite evidence. As the investigation continues, two more murders challenge the status quo. As Lyle digs deeper, he finds that all is not what it seems but the truth is even darker and more sordid than he could ever have imagined.

And who is the traitor in the ranks at Ashbeck CID?

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Review: When a man is found murdered, Frank Lyle is called away from the comfort of home and holiday cheer in order to attend the crime scene. What appears to be a homeless man is in fact the son of an influential member of society. The investigation into the brutal murder uncovers more than Frank bargained for. A child predator is willing to kill anyone who dares challenge him and Frank must find enough evidence to keep the man behind bars before the case spirals out of control.

This is another fantastic D.I. Frank Lyle mystery. The investigation heads in several different directions as multiple layers are uncovered. From blackmail to murder to child predators to spousal abuse, this story kept my interest and I read it in two days. Like the first book in the series (Second Chances), this book was very detailed in regards to procedure and crime scene investigation. If you read the first book, you might find parts of the book repetitive as the author attempts to help the new reader get up to speed. In a way this is good--if you haven't read Second Chances, you can still read Heir to Misfortune without being lost. For someone like me who read both novels back to back, there are sections that seem a bit like a review. Overall, though, the repetitive sections didn't keep me from enjoying the book.

I loved this book and found the plot to be more complex than the first novel. Again, I was impressed by how thorough the author was and how well-researched this book is. Frank is likable as is Jayseera, Redfern, Slade, and many other characters. The villain in this novel is downright detestable and I found myself turning the pages, rooting for Frank and hoping he'll nail the guy to the wall. I'd recommend this book to hardcore mystery and crime novel lovers and to people (like me) who just enjoy a good book.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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