Interview with Josephine Sanchez-Vanner

Today's guest is Josephine Sanchez-Vanner. She's here to talk to us about her novels, her characters, and
about her writing journey. She also has some excellent advice for new and aspiring writers.

Q: Welcome, Josephine! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A: An optimist by nature, I am definitely the glass is half full rather than half empty, sort of person.

After living in Spain, for several years, my husband I returned to England, to live on a boat on the Nottingham Trent river. We have two dogs and two cats - it can get a bit crowded with all of us on-board but it's always fun.

Q: When did you begin writing?

A: It has been a life-long ambition of mine to write novels. A family and some hard travelling through life, kept me from my dream of becoming a published author. Then one day it came to me, “If you really want something bad enough you will go and get it.” So about 4 years years ago, I began writing my first novel The Warlock's Woman.

I've learnt a lot in the last 4 years - POV (point of view), how not to confuse the reader by jumping across characters. HEA, happy ever after, for the end of the story, especially for a romantic novel. Although I love to write dark Gothic tales of the supernatural and am a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe, I'm also a hopeless romantic and love a happy ending.

Q: Can you tell us about your most recent release?

A: Half Blood, was released on the 29th October this year. It's not the normal vamps sucking blood from humans story, although there is a goodly amount of that. My vamps are aliens from the planet Ar'ranma in a distant galaxy.

Whilst the lead characters are 100% vampire they are nothing like the blood thirsty variety we read about in most vampire novels. They can come out during the day, eat and drink what they like, choosing blood as a delicacy. It's a hot sexy love story between a human Harmony Jones and a vampire Zander Washington.

Q: How did you get the idea for the book?

A: The Warlock's Woman came out of my interest in the occult. I had my first paranormal experience as a child of about five when I saw the ghost of a man who had hung himself. As a Spiritualist medium, I use some of the many varied paranormal experiences I've had, in my books, to give a feeling of realism to the stories but it is essentially straight out of my very vivid imagination

Half Blood is very different from The Warlock's Woman, for a start it's total fantasy. The idea for the novel developed out of one of my pet hates – prejudice. I have always believed it doesn't matter whether you are short or tall, fat or thin, man or woman, black or white, we are all of the human family. The story essentially shows it can be foolish to judge a person because they are different from you. Harmony is the daughter of a vampire and a human but is forced to be an outcast from the vampire world because she has a human mother. Zander Washington, sent to kill Harmony, does the sensible thing and falls in love with her. It's essentially Romeo and Juliet with fangs.

Q: If you could recommend just one of your books to my readers, which book would you choose?

A: Which book to recommend - this is a hard question for me to answer as I love them both equally. If I was pushed, I guess it would be Half Blood – simply because of the message it contains.

Q: Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

A: Again this is a very difficult question for me to answer as I love them all!

From The Warlock's Woman –it's as fifty fifty split between Erin, and Arthur Pendragon, King of the Britains. Arthur is a strong serious immortal Warrior of the Light, but it doesn't stop him having a 'devilish' sense of humour and a soft heart.

Erin is resilient and cool under pressure. She takes everything in her stride and lets nothing faze her. She's like most women, kind and loving but hard as steel when the need arises to protect her loved ones.

From Half Blood – it has to be Zander Washington. Bad boy with a conscience. He may be a vampire but it doesn’t stop him from empathizing with humans and helping them when they need him. He's honourable but don't push him too far otherwise you'll see the sharp edge of his fangs.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

A: Most challenging aspect of writing the book, making sure the reader is gripped page by page, chapter by chapter in an exciting adventure that keeps them inthralled by a story that stays fresh with what will happen next and without falling into the trap of clich├ęs.

Q: What is your primary goal as an author?

A: Of course I want to be well known but I'd like to be well known as an author that entertains and keeps those who read my books always guessing.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

A: At the moment, I am writing the next book in the series Warrirors of the Light, sequel to The Warlock's Woman – the Black ether part 1. It has all the characters of the first book in it, plus some new ones and goes a lot further into the darkness of the underworld. There's also a lot more hot sex!

I am also putting the finishing touches to a story based in Ireland. It's about an old mansion house haunted by a vengeful female spirit. Two psychics Kate O'Hanrahan and Kyle Brooks, join forces to free the house of her spirit and fall in love in the process. Like all my books it's sexily hot without being explicit and has a dark paranormal theme running through it.

Q: What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

A: I once read, I quote, 'getting published is 10% talent, 20% luck and 70% persistence', I don’t entirely agree with that but I do think as an aspiring author you do need a lot of persistence. Of course, you also need talent but I'm sure there are many talented authors who have never been published, simply because they were not persistent. Luck, I believe, if you work hard enough, will come to you. Not everyone is going to like what you write, so self belief is also important.
Basically, believe in yourself, your abilities and keep plugging away at it until a publisher offers you a contract. Networking is also important and so is helping your fellow authors. Writing is a solitary occupation but with the development of social media it needn't be lonely. I have had a lot of help and encouragement from other authors and I hope I have been instrumental in returning that help and friendship.

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Brought up in foster care, Harmony Jones didn't know she was the first, and only half human, half vampire, until Zander Washington moved into the apartment across the hall. A full blood vampire he's been sent to kill her by the vampire council instead he's fallen in love with her. Now they're out to get him too.

Hidden deep under the Himalayan Mountains, Ar'ranma, the vampire city is where they must go to plead for Harmony's life.

Hunting them, the beautiful but vicious full blood vampire hunter, Celina. She wants her old lover Zander, back and and she wants Harmony dead, and she'll do anything to make it happen.

As love triumphs and the old ways change, the vampire nation is sent into turmoil.

Half Blood is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK

Marcus Fielding is no ordinary warlock. His evil comes straight from hell's core.

Psychic, Erin Roberts thought she was in love with him – until she found out what he was and that he'd put her under a black magic spell.

On the run from her psychotic ex-lover she rents a haunted apartment and falls in love with the ghost living there, the darkly mysterious, Rodrigo Salazar de Perez.

But Marcus is coming to get her and this time he doesn't just want her body – he wants her soul as well.

The Warlock's Woman is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK