The SatNav of Doom: Book Review

The SatNav of Doom
(Book Five in The Banned Underground Series)
Author: Will Macmillan Jones
Published October 2013
Safkhet Fantasy
Available on Amazon

Abandon all hope all ye who go looking for The SatNav of Doom Once again, the Dark Lord has a cunning plan. And once again someone else is going to have to carry it out for him: that's what henchmen are for, isn't it? To hench? Oh, and to be sent on the risky missions... Not that this one should be risky. What could be easier than secretly inserting computer spyware into a laptop, using a Banned Underground gig as a diversion? The Tax Office probably does it all the time. But the Tax Office is not normally being chased for an unpaid credit card bill for a huge round of drinks. (That's the politicians. And the henchmen, of course.) And it isn't just any laptop the Dark Lord wants to spy on either. The Government is struggling to find the way out of the Recession without a road map, and what better aid than a SatNav linked to a computer? If the Dark Lord can get inside information on future economic policy, maybe he can clean up and buy a new Mercedes. Then there is a mystery: where did the time-travelling SatNav come from in the first place? What if the original owner wants it back? Magic, mayhem and macro-economic policy collide in the latest surreal installment of the acclaimed comic fantasy series, The Banned Underground.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Review: This is the fifth book in The Banned Underground, a hilarious series featuring blues-playing bog trolls (and a dragon), a Dark Lord (the Grey Mage), the Watches (who do the Grey Mage's bidding), and a host of other characters. In The SatNav of Doom, we revisit old favorites (Grizelda makes a welcome appearance and the romance between Dai and Gloria heats up) and we meet the SatNav of Doom. I loved the satnav jokes in the previous books, and having run into my own issues with GPS technology, I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of his new, powerful, joke-cracking SatNav. There are a few running jokes in this book that never get old (at least in my opinion)--the Grey Mage's fear of his wife Poison Ivy, the Watches' dire warnings when one of their own decide to find a girlfriend, the government's ineptitude in handling the economy (horse race's anyone?)--and a few new themes readers will enjoy. Overall, I enjoyed reading this newest addition to the series and look forward to the next installment.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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