Book Review of MER: The Captain's Secret

MER: The Captain's Secret (Book 1)
By Jade M Phillips

Published by Kith Books December 31, 2012

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In a land where the sea grows restless, the summer breeze turns to ice and sleet, and Mother Nature has plans of another sort, dark and supernatural forces begin to unfold, fighting to unite the broken prophecy. In the midst of a tangled web lie the Castlecrays, a family with deep tragedy and mysterious secrets, who are torn apart and forced on a treacherous journey.

Coming from a time when kings rule the realm, knights fight for honor, and eminence is power, the children of Castlecray are thrown into an unknown magical ambiance where nothing is as it seems, and bedtime stories come alive right before their eyes. Sweeping from a land of severe and savage seas to the sparkling underwater spires of a magical unknown world, this is a tale of lords and ladies, knights and nobility, traitors and trolls, who are all intertwined in a weaving maze of conspiracy and deception.

Amidst gallantry and guilt, love and loss, the Castlecrays find their fate to be in the hands of their enemies, of each other, and of their new mysterious allies, the Wavekeepers—all vying to keep the balance between good and evil, land and sea, in a fight for the ultimate desire; the power of MER.

*This is not a stand alone book. It is the first of an epic (young adult) series and is meant to go hand in hand with the proceeding volumes.

Note: I purchased this book over a year ago, but never got a chance to read it until recently. Since I am no longer accepting review requests on this blog, I know have to time to tackle the huge backlog of books on my Kindle. I started with over three-hundred books on my Kindle. MER made the short-list of fifty books I plan to read this year. ~ Tricia

My Review: In the land of Merenia, trouble is brewing. It all begins with unseasonably cold weather and a slain merman. Kidnapping, treachery, and magic combine to make this book a fantastic start to an epic fantasy.

This book has several storylines branching out and re-converging as the author takes us on an epic journey. In a land where trolls attack travelers, where warring factions of mermaids battle to take control of a ancient prophecy, and where treacherous noblemen seek to overthrow the King, three siblings are faced with dangers they never knew existed. Rich folklore in this fantasy world comes to life as stories become reality for the three Castlecray children.

This first book in the MER series was immediately captivating and very easy to read. I was swept away by the author's rich imagination, and this story was as imaginative as they come. I loved the characters in this story, particularly the Castlecray children, their old sea-faring grandfather, Noam, and both the King's sons. There is a beautiful, magical quality to this tale and I'll definitely read the next book in the series.

I'd give this book 4.5 stars out of 5 because there are parts where it could have been edited better. Some of the descriptions are excessive, and this sometimes slowed the pacing. Overall, I thought this was a marvelously inventive book that I would recommend to fantasy lovers ages twelve and older.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars