Interview with Lynn M James

Today, we're speaking with Lynn M. James. She's here to tell us about her new book, Re-Stitched, which is the first in a mystery series. Before we get started with the interview, let's have a look at the blurb for Re-Stitched...

Meet Jessie James, a private investigator who has her hands full dealing with small town shenanigans and feisty office staff. She manages it all with wit and humor until she becomes involved with a high-stakes serial murderer who knows more about her than she can possibly imagine.

A strong willed woman, experience in her field and the hard knocks of life, Jessie gets help to solve her most challenging case by an unexpected source.

Welcome to Authors to Watch, Lynn. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Washington State, hunting , fishing and working. I worked and own a construction company till the age of 38 where I ran into some health problems. Was unable to work for several years. Moved to Utah when my father died to help my mom adjust to becoming single after 52 yrs of marriage. I then went in remission, returned to school and worked as an Operating Room Technician. Was blessed to have that opportunity until I then came out of remission, and again was unable to work. It was then when I truly had to accept my health for what it was and have been unable to return back to any full time employment. 
When did you begin writing?

I began writing 1 week before Christmas of 2012. I woke one morning to the chilly desert air, snuggled down under the covers. It was then I was told I was going to start writing, lol. I know that may sound crazy to some! But see, this is the most exciting part about my writing and my first book. Theres something to try to understand with this, ok? I'm a very spiritual person, a strong Christian. During my illness I had to give up a lot, and that's okay. I came to realize and thanked My God for the roof over my head and food in my fridge. I've been blessed more than others. But I prayed, every night every morning for my family and friends and those less fortunate and I prayed for myself. For four years I prayed "Dear God thank you for all you give and do for me. But please God guide me to something my body can do, that I can financially take care of myself and if you give me so much more in abundance I will share that and help those more unfortunate then me." See for four years I prayed this everyday. Then one week before Christmas of 2012 that's when I received a calling I guess one could call it. And this is what took place I heard the word.

"You're going to start writing today"

"Um, ok. I am?


See throughout my life I've had other events that have taken place. Like most people have. But I've learned to listen to my spiritual side. There is more to this, but that is when I started writing, when I was given the message. And no I've never thought of or wanted to be a writer. Guess now I have no choice in that matter, lol. And no I still have not been blessed financially and that ok because I'm making people laugh a little and that simply warms my heart.

Can you tell us about your new book?

Re-Stitched is a simple, easy read, about a woman who turned private investigator after spending many years as a State Patrol officer and being first on the scene to one to many accident sights. Her last one being when a little girl died in her arms. It was then she turned in her badge. The book is light hearted, whimsical, with twist, turns and a little laughter. And, of course murder.

How did you get the idea for the book?

Idea for the book? I have no idea, it just happened, lol

Do you have a favorite character?

This is a tough question especially since I've never had to answer one like it before but I would say Candice, Jessie's office secretary, well office manager, lol.You'd have to read the book to understand that. And I guess because she's well, feisty, mouthy and maybe a little shady.

What has been the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

The most challenging, everything! Because I really have no idea what I'm doing, lol. It's just happening.

What is your primary goal as an author?

Primary goal I guess is to give the readers a little smile and laughter.

What projects are you working on right now?

I'm now working on Book 2 in the Jessica James Mystery Series "Breathe just Breathe" with the third one in view.

Do you have any advice for new or aspiring authors?

I really couldn't give any advice because as I've said before, I don't even know what I'm doing, but I'm learning. I guess what I'd say is, if it's in your heart, then sit down and write because you never really know what may come out of it. And believe and trust in yourself

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