Jake Snow: Book Feature

by Elodie Parkes

Private detective, Jake Snow, has grown tired of working alone. His sister Bethany married, and stopped working on field cases with him. He's chosen less high-powered cases as he decides against teaming with another partner from the Black Agency. Gradually Jake realizes he wants the kind of love his sister found, and a different job...

When he's sent on what he thinks is a simple surveillance assignment, just before he's due to take his requested extended leave, he finds a tangled web of lies, and a fashion designer in trouble...

The question is will he also find love?

With steamy love scenes and a twist of fun, this book is 18+


He looked around as he opened the door to leave the building. No one was watching and he couldn’t see Pixie. He let the door close behind him knowing it would only open again if someone asked via the panel, or alternatively had the security code.

The ground floor windows were frosted and Graham’s office window looked out onto the front so Jake felt safe asking Pixie to meet him in the alley. He saw her as soon as he rounded the corner of the building. She was leaning on the wall looking down at her feet. Jake was quite close when she looked up at him.

He stood in front of her, looking down into her lovely face and wishing he already knew her better so that he could kiss her. “How much time do you have?”

She looked around, as if she didn’t want anyone to hear, and then back into his eyes.

“What’s this about Jake?”

He took the flash disk out of his pocket.
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