DI Frank Lyle's Casebook Volume 2

DI Frank Lyle's Casebook, Volume 2

By Juliet B Madison

Five novellas detailing a variety of cases from DI Frank Lyle’s police career.

Reluctant Witness--A young woman, Kate Martindale, is abducted and the only witness is a frightened young man with learning difficulties. Can DI Lyle get the lad to talk in order to find Kate? And what is the secret that her friend’s father is hiding?

Dead of winter--A park attendant clearing snow finds a mutilated body in the pond. But what secret is the dead girl’s sister hiding? Help from an unexpected source helps solve the mystery, but can it be done before another related murder occurs?

The Wasteland--When a young first year student is found dead in her room, DI Lyle is called in to investigate. There are no real clues as Julia Watson appeared to have had no enemies or vices, but a diary found at the scene reveals an explosive secret from her past and the key to her identity.

Call of the wild--The body of Tony Hickman, a young male volunteer, is found at Ashbeck’s animal welfare shelter. The contents of his locker reveal a possible connection to violent animal rights groups, but as DI Lyle discovers, the truth is actually closer to home and far more sinister than he could ever have contemplated.

Sanctuary--When Reverend Tom Berry, a hospice chaplain with controversial views, is deliberately injured in a hit and run, DI Lyle is bound to find out who is responsible. With the help of a witness and his friend, Canon Thomas Rice, DI Lyle sets about solving the mystery. Berry had enemies in both the church and the medical profession, but which of them wanted him dead? Meanwhile James Lyle, who witnessed the incident, has things to resolve in terms of his own life

My Review: This is the second collection of short stories featuring DI Frank Lyle. The stories explore different stages of his personal life and career, and also offer insight into the other characters in the series. This book is gritty, honest, and sometimes brutal. These well-researched police procedural thrillers are penned with honesty and sensitivity as the author explores adult themes such as self harm, domestic abuse, obsession, and forbidden love; as such, this collection of short stories is for mature readers only. While it isn't strictly necessary to have read the previous books in the series, some familiarity with the other books might be helpful as some of the stories in this collection touch on previous cases in Lyle's career. As a fan of the series, I enjoyed revisiting some characters from Lyle's past and reading about his new adventures.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Thank you so much Tricia. I'm glad that you enjoyed the stories.

  2. Haven't read this yet, but Tricia's review sounds good - I wish you every success with it Juliet

  3. I have read this and agree with your review. I also think they're a perfect length as each can be read in a single setting.
    Also like that the characters and references to the overall story lines and timelines stay true.

  4. I really like this series, John. Great books.

  5. I don't know she keeps it all straight, Caroline, but you're right--the timelines stay true and all the details she adds ties back to the other books and storylines. I'm glad you're a fan of the series.

  6. It's a fantastic series, Juliet. I'm looking forward to reading more.


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