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Dark Scream Book Tours Presents...

by Demelza Carlton

Could you kill the man you love to protect your people?

Capsize his boat. Lure him into the water. Summon sharks...

How long will Sirena let Joe live, now he knows her secret?

A story about seduction and sharks, parenthood and penguins, with plenty of beer and boobs to keep it interesting, at some coral islands off the coast of Western Australia, plus a few other places, too.

Sexy mermaids surface once more, to sing up chaos on ship and submarine, sea and shore.

Trouble, take two. This is Demelza's second contemporary fantasy book in the Ocean's Gift series, with more mermaids and mayhem than ever.

You'll never look at mermaids the same way again.

This is the second book in Demelza Carlton's Ocean's Gift series, which currently includes:
•Ocean's Gift (Book 1)
•Ocean's Infiltrator (Book 2)
•Water and Fire


I heard the generator start and saw the lights in Vanessa’s house as I finished my dinner. Oh my God, she’s back. And somehow I have to say it, before my tongue ties itself in knots again.

I walked out my front door and onto the path. I stood at the bottom of the steps and looked at the shadow moving across the curtains of her front window. It’s Vanessa. It couldn’t be anyone else.

My head was swimming and it felt like there were fish in it, too. I lifted my foot to the first step and heard the faint sound of her laughter from inside the house.

That’s what she’ll do when I say it, or if I freeze up and can’t get the words out. I hesitated with one foot in the air.

Shit. I chickened out and headed back to my shack. I’ll try again in the morning.

In the morning, I dithered in the bathroom, trying to shave as smoothly as possible. I changed shirts twice, determined to look as good as I could. Or at least make sure I wore a clean shirt.

When I couldn’t procrastinate any more, I stepped out onto the coral shingle again. I closed my front door as quietly as I could. I stood on the empty path with my eyes closed, taking great big breaths, trying to calm myself down. It felt like my heart was imitating her generator, it was going so fast.

Vanessa, I love you. Please marry me. I repeated the words in my head, hoping they’d come out right. Suddenly, I wished I’d bought a ring I could offer her, something big, impressive and sparkly. You didn’t buy one because you know you don’t have a hope in hell of her saying yes. You’re only asking her because you’ll kick yourself for the rest of your life if you don’t ask her. You’re fucking talking to yourself, too.

I forced myself to walk to her steps, then stopped and closed my eyes. I took a huge, deep breath.

“Are you all right, Joe?” Vanessa’s soft voice asked.


She sat on the veranda, hidden in shadow. She looked concerned as she set her steaming cup down on the table and stood up.

“Yes,” I tried to say, but the first time I squeaked. I got the word out on the second try.

Her eyes were wide with curiosity, but she didn’t say anything else.

I swallowed and somehow my feet carried me up the steps to the decking. I stood in front of her before I fell to my knees. From this angle, I could only see her eyes over her boobs. If I talk to her boobs, I can do this.

“Vanessa, I love you,” I began, my eyes intent on the faint outline of her left nipple through her shirt. “I’d do anything to make you happy. Please, marry me, so I can spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me,” I told her right nipple, more clearly defined than her left.

Vanessa’s boobs dipped down, so they almost touched my face. Her hands found mine and she pulled me to my feet as she straightened up. With difficulty, I shifted my gaze to her face.

“Joe, you still barely know me and I won’t stay on land all my life. I will return to my people. You’d be better off with a human woman.” She smiled fondly.

I shook my head and forced the words out. “I don’t want a human woman. I want you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Joe, I won’t be around for the rest of your life. I only spend a small amount of time on land and the rest is among my people, in ocean depths where you can’t go. I have a responsibility to my people,” she tried to explain.

I voiced my biggest fear. “You have someone else already, don’t you? Some Brad Pitt clone with a sexy tail who lives down in the mermaid city, waiting for you to come home.” The words came out bitter.

She laughed softly. “No, I have no partner among my people. Nor do I have one among yours.”

I sighed in relief. “Then marry me. You can stay with me whenever you’re on land, and when you go back to…the mermaid city…I’ll wait for you. I’ll always be here for you. We’ll get a house near the water and I’ll take care of you, every day you’re with me. I’ll make you happy, Vanessa. I’ll do anything for you. I love you.” I stumbled over the words, but I managed to get them out.

Movement caught my eye at the front window of her house. I turned, but I only saw the blank window. Vanessa turned to look, too, but there was nothing to see.

“Joe, I’m happy to stay with you whenever I’m on land. You don’t need to marry me for that.” For the first time, she looked lost for words. “Why do you want to marry me so much?”

I took a deep breath and prayed I could keep my voice steady. “Because I love you. You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, human or otherwise, and I don’t want anyone else. Even if I only saw you once a year, and the rest of the time you’re off saving the ocean or whatever it is you do, I would still know that you’re mine, and I’m yours. Marry me, Vanessa, please.”

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