Ties of Blood: Book Review

Ties of Blood
(Amaranthine: Book Three)
By Joleene Naylor
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With Kateesha dead, it’s time to face the consequences – in both worlds.

When Katelina accepted her new life of night and vampires, she left behind a worried mother and an abandoned apartment. Instead of wrapping things up, a trip home starts a chain reaction. They meet Verchiel, a strange vampire who seems too eager to befriend them, then the police arrest Jorick for kidnapping. Even worse, The Guild may want to question them concerning Kateesha’s death. 

Despite Jorick’s best efforts, he and Katelina go from being prisoners of one world to prisoners of another. Against her will, Katelina is taken to The Guild to face Malick, and Jorick must follow. Does Malick want to punish them, or is he after something else? And why does Verchiel keep popping up? Even more terrifying, are they really being followed by a malicious vampire, or is it just Katelina’s imagination?

In Ties of Blood, events are set into motion whose consequences will echo across the future. The third installment of the Amaranthine series plunges back into the world of night and fear; a world where vampires live in the dark for a reason.

My Review: Jorick and Katelina have overcome so much--Claudius, Kateesha, an inquiry by their own people. In a normal world, they would have earned a much-needed rest, but in the dangerous world they live in, peace is impossible. When Katelina tries to reconcile her past with her future, she finds herself faced with her greatest challenge yet. Ties of Blood takes us into the heart of vampire hierarchy when Jorick, Katelina, and Oren are summoned to face Malick. It seems terror lurks around every corner as a new, frightening stalker is bent on destroying Katelina.

This is my favorite book so far. In contrast to the dark nature in Legacy of Ghosts, there are lots of humorous moments in this book. With the introduction of Verchiel, Ties of Blood reaches new levels of awesome. Verchiel is a smart-ass Executioner who takes orders from The Guild, but puts his own, bad-ass twist on everything he does. By far, he's one of my favorite characters in the series. Is Jorick a little jealous of the attention Verchiel pays Katelina? It seems so. Jorick is enraged every time he sees the redhead Executioner. But Jorick's rage doesn't compare with the anger we see in Oren. The blond fledgling is hellbent on waging war with The Guild even if it costs him his life.

I could not put this book down. At the end, I was completely absorbed and couldn't be separated from my Kindle until I finished. This series just keeps getting better and better. If you haven't delved into the world of Amaranthine, what are you waiting for?

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Stay tuned for my review of Book Four: Ashes of Deceit - coming soon!


  1. Thanks so much for the great review! This is one of my favorites - Proabably because of Verchiel. I ca't lie, I love that guy.

  2. I know! Verchiel is great. One of my favorite characters ever.


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