Becoming Harper

Becoming Harper
A Night Touched Prequel
(Becoming Night Touched: Book One)
Author: Maegan Provan
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Harper Kemp is the sarcastic, quirky protagonist of The Night Touched Chronicles. But who was she before? The Night Touched Back Stories takes us to Harper's final day as a human and the events shortly after.

My Review: Before Harper became the vampire we know and love in the first Night Touched novel, she was an ordinary young woman with ordinary aspirations. One fateful day, everything is changed forever, and so is she. Find out how it all begins in this first Becoming Night Touched prequel.

This is a fantastic series that has such potential. I'm glad to see the author has decided to introduce us to the characters we've met in the main series. Becoming Harper can be read as a standalone. You don't need to have previous knowledge of the series in order to understand and enjoy this book. But, for fans of Celine: Book One of The Night Touched Chronicles, Becoming Harper will definitely enhance your enjoyment of the series.

I would totally recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal books. Vampire lovers need to jump in on this series now because it's going to be huge.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars