Summoned: Book Review

By Rainy Kaye

Twenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told—literally. Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker.

Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well. When he meets Syd—assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd—he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can’t tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn’t the type to tolerate secrets.

Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl’s ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming—the wish that will destroy him.

A dark twist on the genie folklore, SUMMONED follows a reluctant criminal as he unravels the mystery of the paranormal bond controlling him.

My Review: Holy Genie in a Bottle! This book was the most unique, original, exciting, gripping, edgy book I've read in a long time. Maybe ever. Dimitri is a slave to the Walker family. Well, not exactly a slave--he's a genie. Forget everything you've ever learned about genies. Forget about three wishes and rubbing bottles. Rainy Kaye's concept of genies is WAY more sophisticated that all that. This isn't Aladdin, kids. In fact, this isn't a book for kids at all. Full of steamy sex, violence, high speed chases, mind numbing pain, romance, and Arabic mythology, Summoned is strictly for adult readers.

When I began reading the book, I expected it to be good. After all, it came recommended by some readers and authors whose opinions I respect. But, wow! I honestly didn't expect for it to be THAT good. It exceeded all my expectations and more. Summoned is truly unlike anything I've ever read. The author has set the bar really, really high for paranormal/fantasy writers.

Dimitri has kidnapped, murdered, and destroyed. But, despite all that, he's completely charming and likable. Everything he's done has been at the command of his master. For Dimitri to disobey is impossible. Or is it? When he meets Syd, he begins to imagine a life of his own. For the first time, he wonders what it would be like to leave the Walkers. He begins to question his assignments. And, he begins to question who he really is. Syd is bold, brilliant, and has secrets of her own. Their passionate relationship kicks off a chain of events I never saw coming.

If you're looking for an interesting, intelligent, fast-paced, sensual, incredible book, you need to buy Summoned right now!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars