Sweet Cheeks: Book Review

Sweet Cheeks
Heartbreaker: Book Two

By J. Dorothy

Jennifer Jaimeson's life isn't turning out exactly how she planned. But plans change, and she is nothing, if not adaptable. Now after four years out of High School, things are looking up. Well they were, until Bailey, the ex girlfriend of the guy she's been rooming with and lusting after, arrives back in town. And once Cam and Bailey rekindle their romance, Jennifer is on the outer once more. 

But Bailey has a secret. A bad secret. One that Cam knows nothing about. 

Jennifer may have just discovered the opportunity she's been waiting for, and is set to put her new knowledge to good use, when an old High School friend of Cam's, Tanning, comes to stay, He's hot with a capital H, and nothing like the geek she remembers being mean to in High School. 

Her explosive lustful feelings for Tanning are soon confused with her residual warm feelings toward Cam, and the life she planned to have with him. 

And that's just the beginning. 

When the father of her unborn baby, Travis, and her childhood crush, and tormentor, Jason, come back into town, things are going to escalate fast. This time no matter what she does, or how she tries to adapt, she has absolutely no control. 

And this time, her messed up life, is about to get a whole lot messier.

My Review: Jen (aka Sweet Cheeks) never planned to be a single mom, but when no-good Travis knocks her up and then bails on her, Jen is ready to do everything she can to be a good mom to her unborn baby. She's hoping she won't have to be single for long. She's always been in love with Cam--all she has to do is convince him to ditch his girlfriend. Fate has other ideas. Tanning, a hot ex-geek from her past, comes into her life, taking the starring role in all her daydreams. But, just when things are looking up for Jen, another blast from her past blows into town, but this visitor plans to turn her life into a waking nightmare.

This second book in the Heartbreaker series is another impossible-to-put-down read. Bailey and Cam, the main characters from the first book, are back to play an important role in Sweet Cheeks. Told from Jen's hilarious but sometimes heartbreaking point of view, this book has twists and turns that kept me turning the pages. Like the first book in the series, Sweet Cheeks has a sweet, tender romance brewing, but unlike book one, this novel also has elements of danger that threaten everything Jen tries to achieve for herself and for her baby. Jen's character development as this book progresses is truly a pleasure to watch, as she morphs from selfish, insecure mean-girl to a compassionate friend to a courageous mom. I'll definitely continue to watch this author and eagerly read anything she publishes in the future. Great book!


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